An analysis of MakeMyTrip’s presence in online travel, discussing key markets and growth strategies.

Key Highlights

– In 2019 the company made significant investments in ongoing customer acquisition programs, such as cash incentives and select loyalty incentive promotions.

– MakeMyTrip has a strong cash and liquidity position which is advantageous for funding potential market opportunities.

– MakeMyTrip’s growth income increased in 2021 due to a reduced operational activities costs such as marketing and sales promotion expenses.


– This case study is an analyzes MakeMyTrip’s success in the Indian online travel market and the reasons for it. It also looks in detail at the company's M&A activity and future growth strategies.

Reasons to Buy

– Gain an understanding of MakeMyTrip Ltd's business structure and timeline of operations.

– Gain an understanding of MakeMyTrip Ltd's financial information, including revenue, revenue breakdown and profit.

– Gain an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on MakeMyTrip Ltd Group.

– Gain an understanding of the company's domestic and international growth strategies, the strategic investments and partnerships as well as the company's investment in technology.

– Recognize the opportunities and threats facing MakeMyTrip Ltd.

Key Players

  • MakeMyTrip




Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Main Findings

Business Structure Of MakeMyTrip Ltd

Timeline Of MakeMyTrip Ltd

Financial Information Of MakeMyTrip Ltd

Covid-19’s Impact On MakeMyTrip Ltd

India’s Travel Industry

MakeMyTrip’s Growth Strategies

MakeMyTrip’s Marketing Strategies

Why MakeMyTrip Dominates India’s Travel Space




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