Mauritania’s Mining Fiscal Regime: H1 2014

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The mining industry in Mauritania is governed by the Ministry of Industry and Mines and the Department of Mines and Geology (DGM), which is responsible for the development of the mining sector in Mauritania. Mining code no.99/013 is the main governing law for mining in the country.


The report outlines Mauritania’s governing bodies, governing laws, licenses and key fiscal terms, including royalty, corporate income tax, capital gains tax, remunerative fees, surface fees, withholding tax, depreciation rates, and value added tax (VAT).

Key Highlights

• The Ministry of Industry and Mines contributes to the development and implementation of policy in the industrial and mining sectors. The ministry is also responsible for promoting exploration and geological and mining research.

• The Department of Mines and Geology (DGM), formed in 1968, contributes to the development of the mining sector.

• Mauritania's mining laws are governed by mining code no.99/013, enforced by the government of Mauritania to streamline the procedure and process of mining.

•The New Model Mining Convention Law's main purpose is to provide a standard model mining convention based on the current mining code created by law n°2008-011 (the “Mining Code’’), which serves as a basis for negotiation between the Mauritanian State and the relevant investor.

•The Mining Code Amendment contains, in particular, new royalty rates. It also sets a specific taxation regime for capital gains arising from transfers of exploitation licenses.

Reasons to Buy

Gain an overview of Mauritania's mining fiscal regime.

Key Players

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary 1

2 The Mauritanian Mining Industry – Governing Bodies 6

2.1 Ministry of Industry and Mines 6

2.1.1 Department of Mines and Geology 6

2.1.2 Direction of Industrial Development 7

2.1.3 Police Directorate of Mine 7

2.1.4 Directorate of Standardization and Quality Promotion 7

2.1.5 Direction of Mining Registry 7

2.2 Mauritania Office for Geological Research (OMRG) 7

3 The Mauritanian Mining Industry – Governing Laws 8

4 The Mauritanian Mining Industry – Licensing Types 9

4.1 Exploration License 9

4.1.1 Duration 9

4.1.2 Area 9

4.2 Exploitation License 9

4.2.1 Duration 9

4.3 Small-Scale Mining Exploitation License 9

4.3.1 Duration 9

5 The Mauritanian Mining Industry – Key Fiscal Terms 10

5.1 Royalty 10

5.2 Corporate Income Tax 10

5.3 Capital Gain Tax 10

5.4 Remunerative Fees 10

5.5 Surface Fees 10

5.6 Withholding Tax 11

5.7 Depreciation 11

5.8 Value Added Tax (VAT) 11

6 Appendix 12

6.1 What is this Report About? 12

6.2 Methodology 12

6.3 Secondary Research 12

6.4 Primary Research 13

6.5 Contact GlobalData 13

6.6 About GlobalData 13

6.7 GlobalData’s Services 14

6.8 Disclaimer 15

List of Tables

Table 1: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Fiscal Regime Terms and Other Taxes (%), 2014 1

Table 2: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Mineral Royalty Rates (%), 2014 10

Table 3: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Remunerative Fee (MRO), 2014 10

Table 4: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Surface Fee (MRO), 2014 10

Table 5: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Withholding Tax (%), 2014 11

Table 6: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Depreciation Tax (%), 2014 11

List of Figures

Figure 1: The Mining Industry in Mauritania – Commodity Mines at Different Stages (Number of Mines), 2014 2


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