Medical Marijuana – Consumers’ Perspectives in the US and UK

Pages: 55 Published: April 30, 2020 Report Code: GDHCHT074

GlobalData’s Medical Marijuana, Consumers’ Perspectives report combines an extensive survey and analysis of patients’ perspectives in the US and UK to provide an in-depth consumer-centered review of the medical marijuana market. Components of the report include an in-depth breakdown of the survey and its respondents, detailed analysis of consumers’ concerns and opinions of medical and recreational marijuana, information from interviews with patients receiving treatment with medical marijuana in the US and UK, and an assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the medical marijuana space. The report evaluates trends across different age groups, health statuses, and other parameters to inform insightful comparisons and market-specific analyses, always linking the significance of the findings to the historical and contemporary events underpinning consumers’ perspectives in the two countries on which this thematic research focuses on.


The report provides an overview of the design of the study, including a breakdown of the respondents from each of the markets. Other components include the analysis of key perspectives, broken down into different age groups and presence or absence of chronic illness, a discussion of the unmet needs, legal restrictions on medical marijuana, evaluation of the scientific evidence to support the use of medical marijuana, and an assessment of the potential impact of COVID-19 on the medical marijuana space. In the report, there is also analysis of key concerns of consumers in the US and UK and a discussion of the findings from interviews with consumers who personally benefit from receiving treatment with medical marijuana. In addition, there is an examination of the stigmatization of marijuana users and an overview of social issues regarding the perception of recreational marijuana.

Key Highlights

• The majority (72%) of respondents stated that one of their greatest concerns with regards to receiving treatment with medical marijuana therapies was the potential for psychological side effects and cognitive impairment.

• More respondents from the UK (34%) than respondents from the US (25%) were in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. Differently, 91% of respondents from the US and 87% of respondents from the UK were in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

• Many respondents from both markets expressed feelings of uncertainty about the law regarding the use of medical marijuana. This was mainly due to the dynamic regulatory landscape in which restrictions are repeatedly altered with little attention drawn to these modifications.

• Although the use of medical marijuana is well documented for some indications such as pain, muscle spasticity, and epilepsy, many sufferers of other conditions remain unsure about its efficacy for other diseases, despite the active clinical trials landscape.

• Increased media coverage and attention on medical marijuana is attracting a wide audience.

• The reputation of marijuana is changing alongside the emergence of results from clinical studies that aim to prove that the applications in medicine may be more widespread than what was previously believed.

• According to GlobalData’s primary research, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures are already changing operations within the medical marijuana industry.

• The ability to access medical marijuana differs across state borders in the US, and constituencies in the UK, and these discrepancies are expected to increase further against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reasons to Buy

• Develop and design your in-licensing and out-licensing strategies with consumers’ perspectives in mind in order to gain an insight into the methods to develop products with the greatest chance of success in the medical marijuana environment.

• Identify potential agreements, partnerships, licensing or M&A opportunities in line with the strategies most likely to provide appropriate solutions for issues raised by underserved patients in the medical marijuana space.

• Examine consumers’ perspectives on various aspects of treatment with respect to medical marijuana therapies.

• Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the medical marijuana space from consumers’ perspectives.

• Drive revenues by understanding the key trends in consumer sentiments and what actions need to be taken to companies who wish to gain a foothold in the medical marijuana environment.

• Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the medical marijuana landscape and identify the unmet needs for patients in this therapy area.

• Examine the impact of COVID-19 on the medical marijuana space and devise strategies to minimize the effects of the pandemic on businesses and patients alike.

• Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the consumers that are most likely to have a vested interest in medical marijuana, allowing your company to capitalize on opportunities for consolidations, investments and strategic partnerships.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Study Design

1.1 Research Objectives and Study Design

1.2 Respondent Mix – Geography

1.3 Respondent Mix – Age, Sex, and Disease Status

1.4 Respondents With Chronic Illness

2. Executive Summary

2.1 Key Findings

3. Survey Respondents by Market

3.1 Respondents in the US

3.2 Respondents in the US With Chronic Illness

3.3 Respondents in the UK

3.4 Respondents in the UK With Chronic Illness

4. Consumers’ Perspectives

4.1 Overview of Perspectives in the US and UK

4.2 Unmet Needs

4.3 Consumer Insights

5. Consumers in the US

5.1 Take-Home Messages

5.2 Consumer Insights

6. Consumers in the UK

6.1 Take-Home Messages

6.2 Consumer Insights

7. Medical Marijuana and COVID-19

7.1 The Impact of the Pandemic on the Medical Marijuana Industry

7.2 Patients’ Perspectives

8. Patients’ Insights

8.1 Insights From the US

8.2 Insights From the UK

9. Summary of Key Findings

9.1 Take-Home Messages

10. Appendix

10.1 Related Reports

10.2 Primary Research – Interviewees

10.3 About the Authors

10.4 About Thematic Research

10.5 About GlobalData

10.6 Contact Us

10.7 Disclaimer


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