Mine-Site Technology Adoption Survey, 2022 Update

Pages: 56 Published: March 09, 2022 Report Code: GDMMIN0040MR

Technology adoption is continuing across the global mining sector with rising degrees of investment in areas such as predictive maintenance, planning software and communications systems. With a view to decarbonization, mines are also increasingly looking to invest in battery/electric vehicles. In terms of the degree to which the respondents’ mines had invested in new technologies, the most widely adopted of those investigated were mine planning software, mine management software, mine communication systems and predictive maintenance.

The mine-site technology adoption survey report analyses the results of interviews with key personnel at over 130 operating mines across the globe. The survey also examines trends in uptake of 13 technologies at the mine site, spanning mine management software, predictive maintenance, drones, autonomous vehicles, collision avoidance, wearables, remote control vehicles and more. The report also identifies intentions to invest in the next two years, and compares results by region, mine type, and company type.

What is the regional and country-level outlook of the mine-site technology adoption market?

Mine-site technology is to be adapted in Africa, America, Asia, Australasia, and Europe and Middle East.  The level of investment was highest in Australasia, with Europe and the Middle East second, Africa and Asia a close third and fourth and the Americas fifth. Penetration rates of technologies such as planning software and mine communication systems are high in Africa. Moreover, predictive maintenance in mobile equipment as well as safety-related technologies such as collision avoidance and fatigue detection are a priority in the region. Use of drones, remote control vehicles and autonomous vehicles is low. Mines in the Americas have already invested extensively in software and communication systems, and to a lesser extent in predictive maintenance and drones. Battery-electric vehicles, collision avoidance, remote control vehicles, and drones featured highly as an area for investment in the next two years in the region.

Technology penetration in Asia is reasonable in areas such as planning and management software and communications. There are expectations in from a reasonable share of respondents for investment in remote control vehicles, drones and collision avoidance. Australasian mines are further ahead than those in other regions in terms of investment in most areas. Use of drones is particularly high, and the region leads in investment in autonomous vehicles, remote control vehicles, predictive maintenance for equipment, wearables, mine management and planning software, and collision avoidance. Software, communication systems, and predictive maintenance were widely invested in in Europe and Middle East.

Mine-site technology adoption market, by regions

Mine-site technology adoption market, by regions

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What are the key technologies to be adapted in the mine-site technology adoption market?

The key technologies adapted in the mine-site technology adoption market are mine planning software, mine communication system/networks, mine management software, predictive maintenance for plant, predictive maintenance for mobile equipment, drones, collision avoidance/ proximity detection, fatigue detection, remote control vehicles, battery/ electric powered mining vehicles, fully autonomous vehicles, wearable technology, and 3D printing. Globally, mine planning and management software, mine communication systems and predictive maintenance have been most widely invested in and implemented.

Mine-site technology adoption market, by key technologies

Mine-site technology adoption market, by key technologies

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Market report scope

Key regions Africa, America, Asia, Australasia, and Europe and Middle East
Key technologies Mine Planning Software, Mine Communication System/Networks, Mine Management Software, Predictive Maintenance for Plant, Predictive Maintenance for Mobile Equipment, Drones, Collision Avoidance/ Proximity Detection, Fatigue Detection, Remote Control Vehicles, Battery/ Electric Powered Mining Vehicles, Fully Autonomous Vehicles, Wearable Technology, and 3D Printing

Reasons to Buy

  • Assess the current adoption rates for each of 13 key technologies.
  • Compare adoption by mine type, region and company type.
  • Assess the potential for future investment by technology, both new investment and future investment.
  • Analyze potential investment rates by region, mine type and company type.

Table of Contents

1 Survey scope & methodology

2 Executive Summary

3 Level of investment by technology

4 Future investment expectations

5 Regional summaries

6 Drones

7 Technology summaries

8 Appendix

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