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Paula’s Choice – Success Case Study

Paula’s Choice has been in the market for over three decades and continues to create innovative formulas. It is one of the world’s first online beauty brands, having been launched online in 1995. The brand is sold mainly online in over 20 markets worldwide. Currently, the brand is available in stores such as Selfridges and SPACE NK in the UK and Nordstrom in the US. In 2021, the direct-to-consumer brand is launching with Sephora in the US and premium beauty brand Douglas in Germany.

The Paula’s Choice success case study report is a part of GlobalData’s success and failure case study series. It explores the success of Paula’s Choice in the skincare market, which aims to attract younger consumers by using digital platforms to explain how their products can solve common skin-related issues. The brand has also achieved a good reputation by helping consumers to recognize what ingredients will provide good results on the skin and why these ingredients are used in its product formulations. Furthermore, Paula’s Choice has improved its online presence and has created an online community of advocates.

What are some of the key strategies implemented by Paula’s Choice?

Since Paula’s Choice was launched in 1995, the company has known how to adapt to new trends and changes in the beauty industry, which has positioned it as the brand that it is today. Moreover, it has listened carefully to what consumers have requested while it has been on the market to launch products tailored to their needs.

Paula’s Choice has established a brand that is science-backed to cater to savvy consumers. The brand does not believe that “natural” ingredients are better for the skin and always prefers to include formulations backed by cited research. Paula’s Choice also avoids ingredients such as essential oils, alcohol, sulfate, and fragrant plant extracts. Moreover, the brand is cruelty-free as it never has been tested on animals, and fragrance-free because Paula’s Choice believes that fragrances in skincare irritate the skin.

Paula’s Choice uses visual storytelling in its social media marketing. People often trust recommendations from friends and family members more than from a brand. Therefore, Paula’s Choice embraces the opportunity of being social and confident to explain every product in-depth to relate to consumers similar to the way a friend would. It has created advertisements that contain people, irrespective of race and gender. People who have used the products can freely express what they expect from Paula’s Choice and what they have gotten by using the products. As a result, the content is more impactful, and the brand is presented as being accessible for everybody.

What are the key take-outs in the Paula’s Choice success case study?

Consumers are spending more time online due to the global pandemic and being forced to stay at home and socialize primarily online. The cocooning trend has accelerated online shopping and the interest in tips for wellness and mental health. Paula’s Choice has entered consumers’ homes through TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to explain to them how effective their products are and how to start a self-care routine that can improve their skin and their mood.

Beauty brands should use social media channels to create brand awareness and start a conversation with users. This will allow them to personify the brand and obtain brand advocates. Brands should be asking and answering all types of questions to reflect their authenticity and resolve any doubts the user can have after having seen a video about their products online. Thus, consumers will perceive the brand as providing a guide to beauty tips and being approachable, which can generate brand loyalty.

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  • Paula’s Choice was launched in 1995 but has worked out how to adapt its digital strategy to increase brand awareness, especially among younger consumers.
  • Paula’s Choice has addressed the consumer need to understand what skincare ingredients are good for.
  • Being transparent about what ingredients are used and having a brand refresh has enhanced its brand image and adjusted its product range to consumers’ needs.

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