PharmaSphere: Early-Stage Technology Transfer Collaborations – Enabling Platform Technologies & Deal Synergies between Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pages: 85 Published: April 01, 2013 Report Code: GDHC003PSR

The PharmaSphere: Early-Stage Technology Transfer Collaborations Report provides a cross-section of major licensing deals between mid to large-sized pharmaceutical companies and academic and nonprofit research institutions. This report examines the terms, platform technologies, and deal rationale of 25 pharma-academic alliances from 2012–2013. GlobalData’s Industry Dynamics team of analysts discusses the significant macro-environment drivers which are leading to an increase in research partnerships with academic research institutions on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. We also discuss the unsustainability of the current drug research model, and the industry’s attempts at moving toward an open R&D ecosystem.


Full examination of 25 significant technology transfer deals from 2012 and 2013 involving large pharmaceutical companies and academic organizations including licensing structure and terms

Analysis of the key drivers, trends, and strategies behind the deals undertaken by these pharmaceutical companies across major therapeutic areas

Discussion of the unsustainability of the current drug research model and how Big Pharma’s embrace of collaboration and an open ecosystem could drive the next wave of scientific discovery

Tech Transfer in Action : Each section of the report includes a number of case studies and to highlight major themes within technology transfer

Platform assessment on enabling drug technologies being employed by academic research institutions of interest to pharmaceutical companies

Breakdown of disruptive innovation trends, including open-source patient data, pre-competitive information sharing, ‘Big Data’ and drug recycling/repurposing approaches

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Key Players

Anchor Therapeutics
AyoxxA Biosystems
Biscayne Pharma
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Boehringer Ingelheim
Eli Lilly
Genoa Pharma
Novo Nordisk
Synthetic Biologics
UCB Pharma

Table of Contents

1Table of Contents1

1.1List of Tables4

1.2List of Figures4

2Executive Summary5



3.2Related Reports8

3.3About PharmaSphere Report Series8

4A Changing and Challenging Deal Making Landscape9


4.2Deal Drivers10

4.2.1The Patent Cliff10

4.2.2Deal-Adverse Environment13

4.2.3Spike in Regulatory Approvals but Innovation Gap Continues16

4.2.4FDA’s Proposal to Lower Regulatory Standards in Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Research17

4.2.5More Stringent Regulatory Regime in a Post-Vioxx and Avandia World17

4.2.6Viewpoint: Vioxx and Avandia Cases18

5An Unsustainable R&D Paradigm20

5.1Big Pharma’s Embrace of Disruptive Innovation May Fix Broken R&D Model20

5.1.1Pre-Competitive Information Sharing20

5.1.2Open-Source Patient Data21

5.1.3‘Big Data’ and Drug Discovery22

5.1.4Tech Transfer in Action: Astellas Pharma Taps IT for Drug Discovery22

5.1.5Drug Recycling22

5.1.6Viewpoint: Drug Repurposing at NCATS23

5.1.7Tech Transfer in Action: Roche & Broad Join to Bring Failed Drugs Back from the Dead23

6Major Global Technology Transfer Alliances24

6.1The Bayh-Dole Act of 198024

6.2Deals Overview25

6.3Biscayne Pharma Enters into Licensing Agreement with University of Miami for Growth Hormone-Releasing Technology29

6.3.1Deal Summary29

6.3.2Deal Analysis29

6.4Genoa Pharma Enters into Research Agreement with McMaster University for IPF30

6.4.1Deal Summary30

6.4.2Deal Analysis30

6.5AstraZeneca Partners with Vanderbilt University for Neuroscience Drug Discovery31

6.5.1Deal Summary31

6.5.2Deal Analysis31

6.6Trovagene Grants License for NPM1 Marker for AML to Duke University32

6.6.1Deal Summary32

6.6.2Deal Analysis32

6.7Synthetic Biologics and University of Texas Ink Research Deal to Fight Pertussis33

6.7.1Deal Summary33

6.7.2Deal Analysis33

6.8BMS and Vanderbilt University Sign Deal to Develop Drugs for Parkinson’s34

6.8.1Deal Summary34

6.8.2Deal Analysis34

6.9AstraZeneca and Broad Institute Partner to Advance Discovery of Antibacterial and Antiviral Agents35

6.9.1Deal Summary35

6.9.2Deal Analysis35

6.10Bayer HealthCare Opens New Lab Space – The CoLaborator – for Biotech Startups36

6.10.1Deal Summary36

6.10.2Deal Analysis36

6.11Novartis Enters into Licensing Agreement with Penn for CART-1937

6.11.1Deal Summary37

6.11.2Deal Analysis37

6.12Sanofi and BWH Agree to Develop Antibodies for Type 1 Diabetes38

6.12.1Deal Summary38

6.12.2Deal Analysis38

6.13AstraZeneca and Leading Academic Organizations Collaborate on Alzheimer’s Research39

6.13.1Deal Summary39

6.13.2Deal Analysis39

6.14Novo Nordisk Enters into R&D Agreement with JDRF for Type 1 Diabetes40

6.14.1Deal Summary40

6.14.2Deal Analysis40

6.15Large Pharmas Unite with the Genome Institute of Singapore to Combat Cancer in Asian Populations41

6.15.1Deal Summary41

6.15.2Deal Analysis41

6.15.3Tech Transfer in Action: National University Singapore Startup AyoxxA Biosystems42

6.16University of Washington and ‘Big Pharma’ Join Forces to Research Drug Transporters43

6.16.1Deal Summary43

6.16.2Deal Analysis43

6.17Pharma and the University of Dundee Create Consortium on Cell Signaling Research44

6.17.1Deal Summary44

6.17.2Deal Analysis44

6.18Novo Nordisk and Oxford Join to Identify Novel Biomarkers for Rheumatoid Arthritis45

6.18.1Deal Summary45

6.18.2Deal Analysis45

6.19Elan Corporation and University of Cambridge Enter into Joint Venture to Discover New Therapies Targeting Neurodegenerative Disorders46

6.19.1Deal Summary46

6.19.2Deal Analysis46

6.20GSK and Yale Partner to Develop New Drugs Targeting Disease-Causing Proteins47

6.20.1Deal Summary47

6.20.2Deal Analysis47

6.21Big Pharma Companies and Research Institutions Tackle Early-Stage Research TB48

6.21.1Deal Summary48

6.21.2Deal Analysis48

6.22Accuray Signs Collaboration Agreement with University of Heidelberg to Provide Cutting-edge Research in Radiation Oncology49

6.22.1Deal Summary49

6.22.2Deal Analysis49

6.23UCB and Oxford University Join to Focus on Developing Innovative Medicines for Immunological and Neurological Disorders50

6.23.1Deal Summary50

6.23.2Deal Analysis50

6.24Large Pharma and King’s College London Establish a Center to Tackle Autism51

6.24.1Deal Summary51

6.24.2Deal Analysis51

6.25Merck Establishes an Independent Non-profit Drug Research Institute – the California Institute for Biomedical Research52

6.25.1Deal Summary52

6.25.2Deal Analysis52

6.26J&J and University of Queensland Develop Drugs Using Spider Venom for Treating Pain53

6.26.1Deal Summary53

6.26.2Deal Analysis53

6.27Sanofi and UCSF Form a Pact to Work on New Treatments for Diabetes54

6.27.1Deal Summary54

6.27.2Deal Analysis54

6.27.3Tech Transfer in Action: Tufts University Spin-off Anchor Therapeutics55

7Future Outlook56


8.1Research Methodology57


8.1.2Secondary Research57

8.1.3Expert Panel Validation57

8.2About the Author58


8.3Director, Healthcare Industry Dynamics58

8.4Global Head of Healthcare Research and Consulting58

8.5About the Industry Dynamics Team58


8.7Contact Us59

8.8Disclosure Information59


List of Tables

Table 1: Recent and Upcoming US Patent Expirations with FY2011 and FY2012 Sales Data11

Table 2: Deals Summary of Major Technology Transfer Alliances, January 2012–January 201326

Table 3: Biscayne Pharma & University of Miami, Deal Summary, 201329

Table 4: Genoa Pharma & McMaster University, Deal Summary, 201330

Table 5: AstraZeneca & Vanderbilt University, Deal Summary, 201331

Table 6: Trovagene & Duke University, Deal Summary, 201232

Table 7: Synthetic Biologics & University of Texas, Deal Summary, 201233

Table 8: BMS & Vanderbilt University, Deal Summary, 201234

Table 9: AstraZeneca & Broad Institute, Deal Summary, 201235

Table 10: Bayer HealthCare & Aronora, ProLynx, Deals Summary 201236

Table 11: Novartis & University of Pennsylvania, Deal Summary 201237

Table 12: Sanofi & Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Deal Summary 201238

Table 13: AstraZeneca & Leading Academic Organizations, Deal Summary 201239

Table 14: Novo Nordisk & JDRF, Deal Summary 201240

Table 15: Eli Lilly, Merck, Pfizer & Genome Institute of Singapore, Deal Summary 201241

Table 16: AZ, Genentech, Merck & University of Washington in St. Louis, Deal Summary 201243

Table 17: Pharma & University of Dundee, Deal Summary 201244

Table 18: Novo Nordisk & University of Oxford, Deal Summary 201245

Table 19: Elan Corporation & University of Cambridge, Deal Summary 201246

Table 20: GSK & Yale University, Deal Summary 201247

Table 21: Pharma & Texas A&M University and Cornell Medical College, Deal Summary 201248

Table 22: Accuray & University of Heidelberg, Deal Summary 201249

Table 23: UCB & Oxford University, Deal Summary 201250

Table 24: Eli Lilly, Janssen, Pfizer, Roche & Kings College London, Deal Summary 201251

Table 25: Merck, Pharma & Biotech Start-ups, Deal Summary 201252

Table 26: Johnson & Johnson & University of Queensland, Deal Summary 201253

Table 27: Sanofi & University of California at San Francisco, Deal Summary 201254

List of Figures

Figure 1: Academic Technology Transfer Deals and Deal Values (US $m), Globally from 2007–20125

Figure 2: Lipitor Sales WW vs. US, 4Q11–4Q1210

Figure 3: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Number of Deals and Deal Values (US $m), Globally from September 2012 – February 201313

Figure 4: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Number of Deals by Region, February 201314

Figure 5: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Number of Deals by Therapy Area, February 201314

Figure 6: FDA Drug Approvals, 1995–201216

Figure 7: Academic Technology Transfer Deals and Deal Values (US $m), from 2007–201225


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