Russia Ukraine War Impact on Sports Market – Analyzing Impact on Sponsorships, Events and Media Landscape

Pages: 11 Published: March 22, 2022 Report Code: GDUKSPC101666

In February 2022, following Russian military action in Ukraine, the sporting world was quick to condemn Russia and looked to isolate the country in line with international sanctions. While the sluggish response from sports governing bodies was a source of criticism initially, the sports world has acted decisively since those initial few days. High-profile events such as the Russian Formula One Grand Prix were canceled in short order, both in the short and long term. The high-profile UEFA Champions League final, scheduled to take place in St Petersburg, has been moved to Paris while Russia has been suspended from international football following protests by Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, all of whom refused to play Russia in the latest round of World Cup qualifying.

In addition, Russian sports people have either been banned outright from competing as was the case at the recent Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing or excluded from sports entirely as evidenced by the Haas F1 team terminating the contract of Russian driver Nikita Mazepin. Additionally, Russian athletes are reportedly being asked to denounce the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tennis world number one Daniil Medvedev has been told that a condition of being allowed to compete at this summer’s Wimbledon Championship will be that he provides assurances that he does not support the actions of the Russian regime.

The Russia Ukraine war impact on sports market report outlines the lost revenue across media rights, sponsorship agreements, and event hosting.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • At the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, there were more than 80 active media deals in the Russian market, covering everything from the English Premier League to WWE.
  • The two biggest deals to be impacted by the Ukrainian crisis are Gazprom’s deals with UEFA and Schalke.
  • 31 sporting events were scheduled to be taking place in Russia over the next three years, the majority of which are now either canceled or moved because of the current situation. Only the International Swimming Federation (FINA) still has an event scheduled to take place in Russia, but this is currently ‘under review’.

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The report offers an overview of the impact that Russia’s military action in Ukraine has had on the sports industry. From impacting media rights agreements to seeing millions lost in terms of sponsorship deals and the moving of scheduled sporting events, the impact has seen millions of dollars lost from the sports industry.

Key Highlights

A briefing outlining the lost revenue across media rights, sponsorship agreements and event hosting.

Reasons to Buy

While a localized conflict, the direct impact of Ukraine has had global repercussions for the sports industry. In this report, we have highlighted the sports that have been most directly impacted, calculated the cost of the conflict, and outlined the future impact in terms of future event cancellations.

Key Players


Ethernity Chain



PepsiCo; Lay’s; Pepsi


Nike; Football Mania

PepsiCo; Pepsi








MAN Group

Anheuser-Busch InBev; Budweiser



PepsiCo; Pepsi; 7UP; Mirinda; Aqua Minerale; Lipton Iced Tea; Lay’s; Hrusteam


Coca-Cola; Powerade



SK Lubricants; SK ZIC

Wildberries; PUMA





Table of Contents

1. Most Impacted Sports

2. Intenrational Brand Deals In Russia

3. Total Sponsorship Deal Value from 30 highest spending International Brands in Russia

4. Media Rights Deals in Russian Markets

5. Sporting Events due to be hosted in Russia

List of Tables

Sporting Events due to be hosted in Russia by Sport

Media Rights Deals by Sport

Total Sponsorship Deal Value from 30 highest spending International Brands in Russia (US$M)

Sponsorship Revenue from International brand in Russia (US$M)

Sponsorship Deals by International Brands in Russia by Sport

Sponsorship Revenue from Russian Brands (US$M)

Sponsorship Deals from Russian Brands by Sport

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