Trends in Consumer Lifestyles – COVID-19 Consumer Survey Insights – Weeks 1-2

Pages: 20 Published: April 30, 2020 Report Code: CSCV2002SR

The COVID-19 pandemic swiftly upended the normal routines of most consumers. It required them to devise and adjust to new ways of socializing, maintaining their fitness, and shopping for groceries.

Lockdown measures to hinder the spread of the virus inhibited consumers from conducting even the most innocuous activities such as going to the supermarket or jogging in public parks. Their desire to retain a semblance of normalcy led many to shift such activities to their homes. This resulted in, among many things, greater time in front of digital devices.


– In lieu of physical interactions, social media can offset feelings of isolation, or provide an antidote to boredom, since pandemic-driven social distancing measures took hold. Accordingly, there has been a 32% net increase in consumers spending more time browsing social media.

– As more consumers stay home and more retailers are forced to close, there is less opportunity for consumers to engage with brands and products in person – for example through sampling, product trials, and in-person recommendations. Accordingly, many consumers are seeking information and guidance online, where brand ambassadors, influencers and fellow consumers share ideas and offer tips on a range of products.

– The typical grocery basket of over one third (36%) of respondents is changing amid uncertainty, health concerns, budgetary constraints and the new needs associated with self-isolation. Almost half of consumers aged 18-24 (46%) agree that they have changed the type of basic groceries they buy.

Reasons to Buy

– Identify the reasons underpinning consumers' lifestyle changes and behavioral adjustments.

– Gain insight into the key consumer trends that are most likely to drive innovation.

– Put innovative products into context by connecting them to specific consumer trends and preferences.

Key Players

  • G Fuel



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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Trends in Consumer Lifestyles- Weeks 1-2


Impact on Consumer Lifestyles & Shopping Behavior


2. About the Survey

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