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TrendSights Analysis 2019: Private Label Evolution – Innovating private labels from “me-too” to go-to brands

Private labels have made significant strides in breaking from their traditionally generic, me-too positioning to become go-to brands in their own right. Retailers are adopting increasingly sophisticated approaches to their own-brand offerings through proactive trend tracking and product innovation. This innovation and associated changes in consumer perceptions are driving consumer traction and market growth within the private label space.

Shoppers no longer distinguish between national and private label brands, as retailers focus their efforts on delivering higher-quality store-branded product ranges occupying ever more shelf space. Nevertheless, retailers continue to innovate and push development in their private labels, seeking to proactively respond to current and evolving FMCG trends.


– Reactivity to consumer needs is improving perceptions of private labels and turning them into exclusive destination brands.

– The current value position is only being strengthened by private labels offering innovation, usually at more affordable prices. This appeals to consumers searching for price-led value offerings.

– Increasing relevance to niche demographics means that private labels are appealing to all consumers.

– Private label brands are becoming more accessible to consumers as they are being offered not solely in-store but through different channels such as e-commerce.

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Table of Contents

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