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Consumer Trends: Hotels

This report draws on the expertise of GlobalData’s consumer panel of respondents to provide opinion and insight about the key drivers of booking trends & behaviors. This reports highlights hotel preferences amongst outbound tourists

Comfort is the highest rated feature when choosing a hotel for a holiday, according to our survey results, with 92% of all respondents finding this factor either important or very important, followed by cost (91%). Good online customer reviews & ratings is also important at 78%, followed by brand perception/reputation with 63%, and a loyalty program (47%)

What else does this report offer?

– Detailed market analysis, information, and insights

– Historic and forecast tourist volumes and values covering Germany’s outbound tourism sector

– Detailed analysis of tourist spending patterns for various categories in the travel and tourism sector, such as purpose of spending and top source markets.

– Detailed analysis of the market trends in the Germany’s outbound tourism sector.


– Although comfort is important for every consumer, there is a large difference between the age groups.

– The baby boomers, which in general have more money to spend than the younger age groups, value comfort less than the younger age groups.

– The largest age group is 25 to 34 year olds who that think comfort is very important (53% of all respondents).

Reasons to Buy

– Make strategic business decisions using survey data related to hotel preferences across 36 markets

– Understand consumer behaviour within the industry to identify key market trends and growth opportunities

– Direct the promotional efforts on most promising markets by identifying the key source markets.

Key Players


Hyatt Hotels

Choice Hotels

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Respondent Profile

Drivers for airline choice



Good online customer reviews / ratings

Brand perception / reputation

Loyalty Program



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