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The annual ICT spending of UBS Group was estimated at $1.62 billion in 2021. A major share of this spending is earmarked for acquiring software, network and communication, and hardware. UBS Group offers wealth management, banking, asset management, and investment banking solutions. Wealth management includes philanthropy, retirement and financial planning, international business solutions, and advisory services. Personal and corporate banking offers financing, investing, and transaction banking. Asset management comprises traditional and alternative investments and platform services. Investment banking includes research, foreign exchange, risk management, advisory, and equity and debt capital market services. The group serves customers through branch offices, online portals, and relationship managers.

The UBS Group enterprise tech ecosystem series report provides insight into UBS Group’s fintech activities, including its digital transformation strategies, its innovation programs, its technology initiatives, and its estimated ICT budget.

Digital Transformation Strategies

By leveraging AI, UBS has been able to implement a virtual financial assistant with digital avatars, develop a machine learning (ML) platform internally to automatically resolve foreign exchange liquidity issues, and use natural language processing for AI-based enterprise searches intended for financial services and investment banking. Additionally, UBS is using AI in fraud detection, risk management, compliance, and advanced HR analytics. In 2021, UBS also created a team called AI, Data and Analytics, which is responsible for managing data, eliminating data analysis duplication, and establishing best practices.

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UBS Group Technology Theme Focus

UBS Group is utilizing a number of emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and big data.

UBS Group Technology Theme Focus

UBS Group Technology Theme Focus

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UBS Group Technology Initiatives

UBS Group has been involved in several strategic technology partnerships and collaborations, technology developments and roll outs, acquisitions, and technology investments over the past few years.

For instance, UBS joined forces with Yokoy to link UBS cards with Yokoy’s digital solution, which uses artificial intelligence to digitize and automate business spending and credit cards. This partnership enables UBS clients owning corporate credit cards to simplify their expenses management process by analyzing receipts and supplier invoices.

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UBS Group ICT Spend by Function

  • Communications
  • Data center
  • Applications
  • Network
  • End-user computing
  • Management
  • ICT Service desk

UBS Group ICT Spend by Function

UBS Group ICT Spend by Function

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UBS Group ICT Spend by Channel

  • Internal development and maintenance
  • Technology vendors (direct)
  • Local resellers
  • Telcos
  • Specialist outsourcers
  • ICT services providers/Consulting firms
  • Systems integrators

UBS Group ICT Spend by Channel

UBS Group ICT Spend by Channel

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UBS Group External ICT Spend by Segment

  • Software (including Cloud SaaS)
  • Network and communications
  • Hardware (including Cloud Iaas)
  • ICT services
  • Consulting
  • Others

UBS Group External ICT Spend by Segment

UBS Group External ICT Spend by Segment

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UBS Group Tech Ecosystem Overview

Total ICT Spending 2021 $1.62 billion
ICT Spend by Function Communications, Data Center, Applications, Network, End-User Computing, Management, and ICT Service Desk
ICT Spend by Channel Internal Development and Maintenance, Technology Vendors (Direct), Local Resellers, Telcos, Specialist Outsourcers, ICT Services Providers/Consulting Firms, and Systems integrators
External ICT Spend by Segment Software (Including Cloud SaaS), Network and Communications, Hardware (Including Cloud Iaas), ICT Services, Consulting, and Others
Technology Theme Focus Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Big Data

Reasons to Buy

  • Gain insight into UBS’s fintech operations.
  • Discover its fintech strategies and innovation initiatives.
  • Learn about its product launches, partnerships, and investments.

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iCapital Network


Automation Anywhere

Refinitiv Workspace




Broadridge Financial Solutions

Hashstacs Pte Ltd (STACS)

Deutsche Bank





Trust & Will






Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Digital Transformation Strategy

Innovation and Accelerator Programs

Technology Focus

Technology Initiatives


Venture Arm UBS Next


Partnership, Acquisition, and Investment Network Map

ICT Budget and Contracts

Key Executives

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