United States Dental Implants & Abutments Outlook to 2025

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“What is covered in the report about the “United States Dental Implants & Abutments Market”?
GlobalData’s “United States Dental Implants & Abutments Market Outlook to 2025” report is a comprehensive databook report, covering key market data on the United States Dental Implants & Abutments market. The databook report provides value (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) within market segments – Dental Abutments and Dental Implants.

The United States Dental Implants & Abutments Market report provides key information and data on
• Annualized market revenues (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) data for each of the market segments. Data is provided from 2015 to 2025.
• 2018 company share and distribution share data for Dental Implants & Abutments market.
• Global corporate-level profiles of key companies operating within the United States Dental Implants & Abutments Market. Based on the availability of data for the particular category and country, information related to pipeline products, news and deals is also available in the report.

United States Dental Implants & Abutments is segmented as follows:
• Dental Abutments
• Dental Implants

Key Reasons to Purchase
The United States Dental Implants & Abutments Market report helps you to develop
• Business strategies by identifying the key market segments poised for strong growth in the future.
• Market-entry and market expansion strategies.
• Design competition strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the market.
• Develop investment strategies by identifying the key market segments expected to register strong growth in the near future.
• Understand the key distribution channels and what’s the most preferred mode of product distribution – Identify, understand and capitalize.

Key companies covered in the “United States Dental Implants & Abutments Market Outlook to 2025” report
• Nobel Biocare Services AG
• Straumann Holding AG
• Dentsply Sirona Inc

The GlobalData Differentiation
Extensive interviews are conducted with industry experts to validate the market size, company share and distribution share data and analysis.
The data and analysis within this report are driven by GlobalData Medical Equipment (GDME) databases. GlobalData Medical Equipment database gives you the key information required to drive sales, investment and deal-making activity in your business. It includes the following:
• 15,000+ data tables showing market size across more than 780 medical equipment segments and 39 countries, from 2015 and forecast to 2025
• 6,700+ industry-leading analysis reports covering sector reports, medipoint reports, country analysis, expert insights and industry analysis (devices and procedures) reports
• 64,000+ medical equipment company profiles
• 5,600+ company profiles of medical equipment manufacturers in China and India
• 2,200+ company profiles of medical equipment manufacturers in Japan
• 1,200+ companies’ revenue splits and market shares
• 1,600+ quarterly and annual medical equipment company financials
• 850+ medical equipment company SWOTs
• 28,000+ pipeline product profiles
• 56,400+ marketed product profiles
• 47,000+ clinical trials
• 41,500+ trial investigators
• 7,000+ reports on companies with products in development
• 44,000+ deals in the medical equipment industry
• 1,100+ surgical and diagnostic procedures by therapy area
• 50+ key healthcare indicators by country
• 431,000+ Themes Content Items
• 600+ Influencers
• 1,900+ Analysts & Researchers
• 0.5m+ Community Members
• 141,000+ Macroeconomic Indicators
• 1,013,000+ City Indicators
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Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 2

1.1 List of Tables 5

1.2 List of Figures 5

2 Introduction 6

2.1 What Is This Report About? 6

2.2 Dental Implants & Abutments Market Segmentation 6

2.3 Definitions of Markets Covered in the Report 7

3 Dental Implants & Abutments Market, United States 8

3.1 Dental Implants & Abutments Market, United States, Revenue ($m), 2015-2025 8

3.1.1 Dental Abutments Market, United States, Revenue ($m), by Segment, 2015-2025 10

3.1.2 Dental Implants Market, United States, Revenue ($m), by Segment, 2015-2025 13

3.2 Dental Implants & Abutments Market, United States, Volume (Units), 2015-2025 15

3.2.1 Dental Abutments Market, United States, Volume (Units), by Segment, 2015-2025 17

3.2.2 Dental Implants Market, United States, Volume (Units), by Segment, 2015-2025 20

3.3 Dental Implants & Abutments Market, United States, Average Price ($), 2015-2025 22

3.4 Dental Implants & Abutments Market, United States, Distribution Share by Revenue ($m), 2018 24

3.5 Dental Implants & Abutments Market, United States, Company Share by Revenue ($m), 2018 25

4 Overview of Key Companies in United States, Dental Implants & Abutments Market 27

4.1 Nobel Biocare Services AG 27

4.1.1 Company Overview 27

4.2 Straumann Holding AG 27

4.2.1 Company Overview 27

4.3 Dentsply Sirona Inc 27

4.3.1 Company Overview 27

4.4 Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc 28

4.4.1 Company Overview 28

4.5 Osstem Implant Co Ltd 28

4.5.1 Company Overview 28

4.6 KYOCERA Medical Corp 28

4.6.1 Company Overview 28

5 Financial Deals Landscape 29

5.1 Acquisition 29

5.1.1 Avalign Technologies Acquires Integrated Medical Solutions 29

5.2 Debt Offerings 30

5.2.1 Stryker Raises USD826.2 Million in Public Offering of 1% Notes Due 2031 30

5.2.2 Stryker Raises USD881.3 Million in Public Offering of

0.75% Notes Due 2029 32

5.2.3 Stryker Raises USD936.4 Million in Public Offering of

0.25% Notes Due 2024 34

5.2.4 Zimmer Biomet Prices Public Offering of

1.164% Notes Due 2027 for USD553 Million 36

5.3 Equity Offerings 38

5.3.1 Envista Holdings Raise USD588.9 Million in IPO of Shares 38

5.3.2 Sintx Technologies to Raise USD1.6 Million in Public Offering of Shares 40

5.3.3 Zimmer Biomet Plans to Raise Funds through Public Offering of Securities 41

5.3.4 Stryker Plans to Raise Funds through Public Offering of Securities 42

5.4 Venture Financing 43

5.4.1 Zuga Medical Raises Funds through Series B+ Financing 43

5.4.2 Genesis Innovation Invests in HAPPE Spine 44

6 Recent Developments 45

6.1 Corporate Communications 45

6.1.1 Sep 25, 2019: Dentsply Sirona announces appointment of Janet Vergis as new Board Member 45

6.1.2 Aug 29, 2019: Straumann Group announces two appointments to its Executive Management team 45

6.1.3 Aug 22, 2019: Henry Schein builds more than 27,000 ‘Comfort Kits’ for people fighting cancer in the second annual ‘We Care Global Challenge’ 46

6.1.4 Aug 12, 2019: Stryker announces commercial structure realignment 47

6.1.5 Jul 25, 2019: Dentsply Sirona announces a new leader for its North American commercial business 47

6.1.6 Jul 08, 2019: Dentsply Sirona announces appointment of Jorge M. Gomez as Chief Financial Officer 47

6.1.7 Jul 05, 2019: Eric Bruno to lead North America commercial business at Dentsply Sirona 48

6.1.8 Jun 19, 2019: Zimmer Biomet announces chief financial officer transition plan 48

6.1.9 May 08, 2019: Dr. Cord F. Stahler is the new Chief Technology Officer at Dentsply Sirona 49

6.1.10 Apr 15, 2019: SINTX Technologies hires strategic VP 49

6.1.11 Mar 27, 2019: Stryker announces new Vice President, chief legal officer 50

6.2 Financial Announcements 50

6.2.1 Nov 07, 2019: Dentsply Sirona reports third quarter 2019 financial performance 50

6.2.2 Nov 05, 2019: Henry Schein reports record third quarter 2019 financial results from continuing operations 51

6.2.3 Nov 05, 2019: Zimmer Biomet announces third quarter 2019 financial results 53

6.2.4 Oct 29, 2019: Stryker reports third quarter 2019 operating results 54

6.2.5 Oct 24, 2019: Envista reports third quarter 2019 results 55

6.2.6 Sep 25, 2019: ThermoGenesis reports performance evaluations of X-Series Cell Processing Devices 56

6.2.7 Sep 11, 2019: Daxor to exhibit at the 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Failure Society of America 57

6.2.8 Aug 14, 2019: Straumann Group: Strong momentum continues as first-half organic revenue climbs 16% and core EBIT margin reaches 28% 58

6.2.9 Aug 06, 2019: Henry Schein reports record second quarter 2019 financial results from continuing operations 62

6.2.10 Aug 02, 2019: Dentsply Sirona reports strong second quarter 2019 results 64

6.2.11 Jul 26, 2019: Zimmer Biomet announces second quarter 2019 financial results 65

6.2.12 Jul 25, 2019: Stryker reports second quarter 2019 operating results 65

6.2.13 Jul 09, 2019: Carestream shows Advanced Imaging Software, Flexible Portfolio of Mobile Imaging Systems at AHRA 66

6.2.14 Jul 03, 2019: MedTech Innovator announces OncoRes Medical as 2019 Value Award Winner at WSGR Device Conference 69

6.2.15 May 07, 2019: Henry Schein announces first quarter 2019 financial results 70

6.2.16 May 03, 2019: Dentsply Sirona reports solid first quarter 2019 results 72

6.2.17 Apr 30, 2019: Promising start to the year with 17% organic growth in first quarter 73

6.2.18 Apr 26, 2019: Zimmer Biomet announces first quarter 2019 financial results 74

6.2.19 Apr 23, 2019: Stryker announces first quarter 2019 operating results 75

6.2.20 Apr 03, 2019: MediciNova receives notice of allowance for new patent covering mn-001 for the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, and hyperlipoproteinemia in China 76

6.2.21 Mar 18, 2019: Clara AI lets every radiologist teach their own AI 76

6.2.22 Mar 01, 2019: Dentsply Sirona reports preliminary fourth quarter and full year 2018 results 77

6.2.23 Feb 20, 2019: Henry Schein reports record fourth quarter and full year 2018 financial results 78

6.2.24 Feb 19, 2019: Straumann posts strong Q4, lifting full-year organic revenue growth to 19% as underlying EBITDA margin reaches 30% 80

6.2.25 Feb 01, 2019: Zimmer Biomet announces fourth quarter and full-year 2018 financial results 84

6.2.26 Jan 29, 2019: Stryker reports 2018 results and 2019 outlook 85

6.3 Government and Public Interest 86

6.3.1 Jun 21, 2019: Statement from Jeff Shuren, M.D., J.D., director of the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health, on agency's efforts to increase transparency in medical device reporting 86

6.4 Legal And Regulatory 87

6.4.1 Oct 16, 2019: U.S. Federal Trade Commission Judge dismisses claims against Henry Schein 87

6.4.2 Sep 26, 2019: TSO3 announces receipt of final Court approval for plan of arrangement with Stryker 87

6.4.3 May 23, 2019: Dentsply Sirona Board Approves Relocation of Headquarters to Charlotte N.C. and Announces CFO Transition PLan 87

6.5 Other Significant Developments 88

6.5.1 Oct 02, 2019: Dr. Joseph Kravitz on Innovations in Dental Implants 88

6.5.2 Jul 29, 2019: SINTX Technologies provides business update 88

6.5.3 Jul 11, 2019: Dr. Joseph Kravitz successfully treated thousands of patients with 3 minute implant 89

6.5.4 Jun 25, 2019: Award-Winning Maryland Dentist Dr. Joseph Kravitz continues to pioneer new treatment approaches for dental patients 90

6.5.5 Jun 14, 2019: Stryker to invest €200m in RD&I projects in Ireland 90

6.5.6 Feb 28, 2019: BIOLASE appoints Sinclair Dental, the fastest growing full-service dental supply company in Canada, as the exclusive distributor and representative for the sales, service and support of BIOLASE's products 91

6.6 Product News 91

6.6.1 Mar 12, 2019: Henry Schein to showcase comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Health Care Professionals at the 38th International Dental Show 91

6.7 Strategy And Business Planning 92

6.7.1 Nov 05, 2019: Stryker signs agreement to acquire Wright Medical for $5.4bn 92

6.7.2 May 24, 2019: Menicon announces launch of Menicon Bloom Myopia Control Management System 93

7 Appendix 94

7.1 Research Methodology 95

7.1.1 Coverage 95

7.1.2 Secondary Research 95

7.1.3 Primary Research 96

7.1.4 Market Modeling and Forecasting 97

7.1.5 Company Share Analysis 98

7.1.6 Distribution Share Analysis 99

7.1.7 Benchmarking 99

7.2 GlobalData Consulting 99

7.3 Contact Us 100

7.4 Disclaimer 100

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