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The use of UGVs in defense is steadily expanding and military organizations across the globe are experimenting with their use in an effort to understand what exactly such systems can offer and how they can be best integrated in the current force structures.

Small-sized – throwable/mini and small – robotic systems for EOD, demining or ISR have been in use for years. What the armed forces are currently testing is the feasibility of using UGVs in frontline logistics support missions or combat ones.

Another capability being developed is in the form of autonomous kits and their integration on existing vehicles, such as trucks or engineering ones, in a clear effort to remove soldiers from dangerous missions, such as demining, resupplying forward bases etc.

Finally, the next capability currently under development is for combat UGVs or Optionally-Manned Combat Vehicles (OMFV). This category includes not only small to medium sized, but as with combat engineering, larger platforms such as Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). OMFV would offer the option to use it either as a manned or unmanned platform. This would give the ability to a manned OMFV to command one or more unmanned versions of the same type, establishing MUM-T fighting formations that would overwhelm enemy defenses.


Developments in the Unmanned Ground Vehicles systems technology will transform military force structures and tactics, especially with the integration of combat unmanned ground vehicles and the associated changes in land operations.

UGV offer to important characteristics. They remove soldiers from harm’s way and they allow access to confined or places of high risk (for example due to enemy fire or a source of CBRN threat). Besides saving lives, developments in autonomy open the way for their adoption in many other uses. They are tested for use in combat resupply or as EO/IR platforms providing security to a fixed installation or a border area.

Manned-unmanned teaming will be a major step forward in terms of technology and tactics, as a manned platform will be able to operation in close coordination with one or more UGV. In a combat scenario that can overwhelm enemy defenses and change the final outcome.

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Key Players

FLIR Systems, ECA Group, Telerob, QinetiQ, L3Harris, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Land Systems, Horiba Mira, BAE Systems, Elbit Systems, Oshkosh Defense, Rheinmetall, Nexter, Milrem, DOK-ING, JSC 766

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