Wal-Mart Stores Inc. – Retailer Profile with IT Spending by Geography – Technology Profile

Pages: 53 Published: October 31, 2016 Report Code: CA0001TP

"Wal-Mart Stores Inc. – Retailer Profile with IT Spending by Geography", report provides a technology overview of Wal-Mart including ICT spending for 2016 globally and for 11 geographies, information on key IT decision makers as well as primary IT contracts. Furthermore, Wal-Mart’s IT strategies are displayed which includes investments in eCommerce platforms, Big Data, cloud and mobile payment solutions. In addition, the retailer's future IT and cybersecurity plans are illustrated.

Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer offering a variety of products. The company offers merchandise under various private label and licensed brands. Wal-Mart classifies its business operations into separate segments for the US, International and Sam’s Club. The stronger aspect of Wal-Mart includes a great distribution network, a broader product portfolio, in addition to its unique customer-centric strategy of EDLP (Every Day Low Price). All these have worked well in its favor. Value-based offerings include mobile-based apps and online shopping platforms which further add to customer convenience.


– Over the past few years Wal-Mart has managed to progress from a traditional out-of-town brick-and-mortar retailer to a digital and technology-savvy omni-channel player with eCommerce operations

– The retailer is gearing up for a new era in retail with a host of investments and technology partnerships by focusing more on customer experience and services rather than products and stores

– New ventures from Wal-Mart include the introduction of drones at its large distribution centers, Wal-Mart Pay and a two-day shipping service

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– Get a detailed understanding of Walmart's IT spending by technology and geography, and its strategic and IT related priorities. This profile can help you target the retailer with tailored solutions and access the right decision-makers.

Key Players

Sam's Club
Q9 Networks
First Data Corporation

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 6

2 Regional and Country Operations 7

2.1 Overview of Geographic Coverage 7

2.2 Wal-Mart US 8

2.3 Wal-Mart UK 8

2.4 Wal-Mart Brazil 8

2.5 Wal-Mart Mexico and Central America 9

2.6 Wal-Mart India 9

2.7 Wal-Mart China 10

2.8 Wal-Mart Japan 10

2.9 Wal-Mart Argentina 11

2.10 Wal-Mart Canada 11

2.11 Wal-Mart Africa 12

3 Financial Information 13

3.1 Financial Breakdown of Countries Covered 13

3.2 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016- Global 14

3.3 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – US 15

3.4 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – UK 16

3.5 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Mexico 17

3.6 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Canada 18

3.7 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Brazil 19

3.8 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Japan 20

3.9 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – China 21

3.10 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Africa 22

3.11 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Central America 23

3.12 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – Argentina 24

3.13 Estimated IT Budgets for 2016 – India 25

4 ICT Decision Making Hierarchy 26

5 IT Services and Software Contracts 27

5.1 IT Services 27

5.2 Software 29

6 Stores and Formats 30

Retailer’s Store Format Landscape – An Overview 30

6.1 Wal-Mart US 33

6.2 Wal-Mart UK 34

6.3 Wal-Mart Mexico 34

6.4 Wal-Mart Canada 35

6.5 Wal-Mart Brazil 35

6.6 Wal-Mart Japan 36

6.7 Wal-Mart China 37

6.8 Wal-Mart Africa 37

6.9 Wal-Mart Central America 38

6.10 Wal-Mart Argentina 39

7 Wal-Mart’s Distribution Centers 40

8 Data Centers and Cloud 41

Why Missouri has been a Chosen Destination 41

Wal-Mart’s DevOps Platform 41

9 Wal-Mart’s Strategies 42

9.1 Current Trends . 42

9.2 Wal-Mart Pay 43

9.3 Wal-Mart‟s Acquisition of Jet.com 43

9.4 Wal-Mart to Invest in Flipkart 43

9.5 Future Plans 43

10 Technological Advance 45

10.1 OneOps Technology from Wal-Mart 45

10.2 OpenStack and Open Compute 46

10.3 Digital Collaboration 46

10.4 Wal-Mart embraces novel methods 49

10.5 Wal-Mart to step up its IT security 49

11 Appendix 50

11.1 Further reading 53

11.2 Contact the authors 53

List of Tables

List of Tables

Table 1: Wal-Mart- Consolidated Income Statement (in US$ millions) 13

Table 2: Wal-Mart – Consolidated Income Statement (in US$ millions) by Region 13

Table 3: Global -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 14

Table 4: US -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 15

Table 5: UK -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 16

Table 6: Mexico -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 17

Table 7:Canada -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 18

Table 8:Brazil -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 19

Table 9: Japan -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 20

Table 10: China -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 21

Table 11: Africa -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 22

Table 12: Central America -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 23

Table 13: Argentina -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 24

Table 14: India -ICTSpend Predictions (in US$ million) 25

Table 15: IT Services – Application Outsourcing 27

Table 16: IT Services – Infrastructure Outsourcing 27

Table 17: IT Services – Enterprise applications, Supply chain management (SCM) applications 27

Table 18: IT Services – BPO 28

Table 19: IT Services – Systems Integration 28

Table 20: Software -Enterprise applications, other applications 29

Table 21: Software – Enterprise applications, Supply chain management (SCM) applications 29

Table 22: Software – Information Management, Business Intelligence Tools 29

Table 23: Software – Enterprise Applications, Vertical Specific Applications 29

Table 24: Planned Technology Priorities (Part 1) 47

Table 25: Planned Technology Priorities (Part 2) 48

List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 1: Wal-Mart’sShare of Global Operations 7

Figure 2: Wal-Mart’s Large Retail Stores by Region 31

Figure 3: Wal-Mart’s Medium Retail Stores by Region 32

Figure 4: Wal-Mart’s Small Retail Stores by Region 33

Figure 5: Wal-Mart USA – StoreFormats 33

Figure 6: Wal-Mart UK – StoreFormats 34

Figure 7: Wal-Mart Mexico – StoreFormats 34

Figure 8: Wal-Mart Canada – StoreFormats 35

Figure 9: Wal-Mart Brazil – StoreFormats 35

Figure 10: Wal-Mart Japan – StoreFormats 36

Figure 11: Wal-Mart China – StoreFormats 37

Figure 12: Wal-Mart Africa – StoreFormats 37

Figure 13: Wal-Mart Central America – StoreFormats 38

Figure 14: Wal-Mart Argentina – StoreFormats 39


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