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    $295 | July 2023
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    Dairy Farmers of America Inc – Company Profile

    Dairy Farmers of America Inc (DFA) is a dairy food processing and milk marketing co-operative. The company markets milk for independent producers and cooperative members. It offers cheese, butter, and dairy ingredients such as non-fat dry milk powder, specialty dairy powders, concentrated pastes, seasoning blends, milk protein concentrate, skim milk powder and sweetened condensed milk, ice cream, and flavored dairy beverages. It markets its products under Alta Dena, Borden Cheese, Cache Valley Cheese, Keller's Creamery Butter, Plugra Butter, Oakhurst, Plugra...

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    $500 | March 2023
    Product Insights

    Diagnostics For All Inc Pipeline Insight and Competitive Landscape, 2023

    Diagnostics For All Inc (DFA) is a drug development company that develops and commercializes of new technology and practical diagnostic devices for diagnostic companies. The company uses patterned paper technology to create electrochemical clinical chemistry assays, immunoassays, assays, and molecular diagnostics. Its patterned paper technology delivers diagnostic devices to support animal and human health. DFA operates projects on small farmer support, nucleic acid detection, liver function, child nutrition, and immunity, among others. The company also develops nucleic acid amplification and...

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