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  • Thematic Analysis

    $995 | February 2024
    Thematic Analysis

    Blockchain – Thematic Intelligence

    Blockchain Thematic Intelligence Report Overview Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger comprising unchangeable, digitally recorded data in packages called blocks. Each block is ‘chained’ to the next block using a cryptographic signature. The four key characteristics that make blockchain uniquely different from traditional databases are decentralization, cryptography, validation, and immutability. Key Features of Blockchain Technology Buy the Full Report to Know More About the Key Features of Blockchain Technology, Download a Free Report Sample With the hype around blockchain...

  • Analyst Opinions

    $995 | January 2023
    Analyst Opinions

    Beyond Crypto – How Blockchain Advances in the Enterprise

    Enterprise Blockchain Report Overview Enterprise blockchain is a “permissioned” blockchain and is made up of encrypted records (blocks). They are chronologically arranged and serve as a singular information source across a distributed network. The data within the network is accessible to a small group of network members. Security, traceability, transparency, and efficiency are the key benefits of blockchain. Blockchain Value Chain Analysis Buy the Full Report for More Insights into the Value Chains of Blockchain Download a Free Report Sample...

  • Company Insights

    $1,495 | November 2020
    Company Insights

    Tecnotree – Enterprise Tech Ecosystem Series

    Tecnotree Oyj (Tecnotree) provides a range of telecom IT solutions for management of customers, products, and revenue. Tecnotree is a full stack digital business management solution provider for digital service providers. The company’s open-source technology based agile products and solutions include full range of business process and subscription management for telecom and other digital service providers. Tecnotree Oyj (Tecnotree) provides a range of telecom IT solutions for management of customers, products, and revenue. Tecnotree is a full stack digital business...

  • Company Insights

    $1,495 | November 2020
    Company Insights

    Cognizant – Enterprise Tech Ecosystem Series

    Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. (Cognizant) is a professional services company that helps prepare clients’ technology, business, and operating models for the digital era. Cognizant’s service portfolio includes application development, testing and maintenance services; business process services; consulting; digital services & solutions; infrastructure services; and systems integration services. The company customizes its solutions and services to suit specific industries through an integrated global delivery model with global and regional delivery centers and client delivery and service teams employed at client locations....

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