Subscription shopping services target 34% of consumers in the baby and child care space

Subscription-based shopping services are reportedly booming, with an increasing array of products and services becoming available via this method. However, globally, most consumers are likely to be interested in a regular subscription-based service to buy products for their children compared to other types of goods, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Melanie Felgate, Project Manager at GlobalData comments, “GlobalData’s latest Q4 2018 global consumer survey reveals that 29% of consumers are already actively using regular subscriptions to buy products for their children, with a further 34% interested in doing so in future.”

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Services such as Raised Real in California and Kit & Kin in the UK are capitalizing on this demand. Raised Real offers frozen, organically sourced plant-based ready meals for babies; delivered straight to the home at a frequency of every 2 or 4 weeks. Kit & Kin offers nappies by subscription, at a frequency to suit the consumer anywhere from every week to every 12 weeks.

Felgate adds, “The market for subscription services has especially strong appeal to parents because of the convenience they offer, especially given the time-pressures that come with parenthood. Subscriptions remove the need to physically go out and shop, or to even think about purchases of certain routine items.”

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