GlobalData Plc

Platforms & Devices

Up-to-the-minute intelligence across key areas of the handset, smartphone, and connected devices ecosystem. Coverage ranges from technology and operating platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Firefox, etc.) to relationships, market size and average selling prices (ASPs).

Our Platforms & Devices solution supports decision-makers responsible for strategic planning, product development, pricing and marketing across mobile platforms, device, and service provider businesses.

Market Data & Intelligence

We provide a comprehensive picture of the handset and smartphone landscape across 50+ countries. Coverage includes key areas of the handset and smartphone ecosystem, from technology and operating platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Firefox, etc.) to relationships, market size and average selling prices (ASPs).

Services include:

Market Forecasts

  • Annual handset sell-through of total mobile handsets and smartphones segmented into four categories – smartphone, feature phone, messaging phone and ultra-low-cost device
  • Sales are further segmented by the top ten vendors (including select vendors by country) and by operating system – granular data is provided for each of 63 countries
  • Includes five years of historic tracking data and five years of projections for more than 100 handset sell-through, ASP and revenue indicators

Market Shares

  • Market share data is integrated within our Handset Forecasts, providing a valuable tool for assessing market share evolution at the country level

Country Intelligence

  • Extensive data on the mobile device landscape of each country we cover, including the regulatory environment and competitive dynamics
  • Updated each year, these reports analyze key trends, evaluate near-term opportunities and assess risk factors
Pricing & Promotion Tracking

We track wireless data, tablets and connected devices pricing, packaging, promotion and availability in the US and 18 major markets in Europe.

Coverage includes:

US wireless market

  • Detailed national tracking of pricing, packaging, promotion, financing and availability across major markets and suppliers
  • Pre and postpaid wireless coverage includes data and data messaging pricing along with rumored and actual price change alerts
  • Includes a comprehensive review of international voice service, voice roaming and data access pricing
  • Mobile data plan tracking details national and regional smartphone, feature phone, tablet, data card (dongle), laptop and mobile hotspot offers. A monthly snapshot covers basic, smartphone, tethering and tablet plans
  • Monthly mobile web content tracking details major application, publisher, content category, user audience, pricing and usage duration offers
  • Connected Devices coverage

European mobile data market

  • Consumer mobile coverage details mobile data pricing and portfolios for nearly 60 national operators in 18 European countries
  • Assesses the current state of consumer mobile data services, tracks recent changes and highlights key competitive differentiators, fresh innovation and lessons learned
  • Tracks business mobile data pricing (both pre-paid and post-paid) for tablets, USB modems, wireless routers and smartphones in 19 markets
  • Quarterly assessments identify key trends and areas of innovation in each market along with best practice and competitive response and new service models. Analysts provide additional insight at quarterly Assessment Sessions

Country Intelligence

  • Tracks handset, tablet, and connected device sales from selected leading retailers in major US metropolitan areas
  • Covers postpaid, prepaid and select device financing pricing at both national and local levels. Coverage includes pricing and availability on a local level, instant and mail-in rebates and monthly financing fees
  • Monthly profiles detail the handset offerings of the four major carriers in terms of pricing, shelf share and device type
  • Other reports capture variations between web and retail pricing, promotional activity across the web and monthly snapshots of the competitive landscape for consumer tablets

Geographic coverage

  • US Wireless, Data, Handsets, & Connected Devices:
  • US Local Retail:
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, Seattle
  • European Consumer Mobile Data:
18 countries
  • European Business Mobile Data:
18 countries
Market Advisory & Competitive Intelligence

We track significant market events as they happen, providing valuable insight into competitors and delivers in-depth understanding of competitor product positioning, strengths and weaknesses to keep you in touch with what’s happening in your markets.

Services include:

Intelligence Reports

  • Analysis of major product, marketing or business initiatives undertaken by competitors that may affect other market players, impact on buyer behavior or influence the market’s direction
  • Full Intelligence Reports are delivered within 24-to-48 hours of detecting high-impact market activity. If even more rapid response is required, we provide Intelligence Alerts within hours
  • We also provide Alerts on activities by challengers or new entrants that may not have immediate impact but should be monitored

Advisory Reports

  • In-depth reviews of important trends or issues and analysis of their likely impact

Company Assessments

  • Analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas of opportunity and potential threats that you need to manage
  • Company Assessments report on all your major competitors, with coverage routinely extending to the companies accounting for 90% of sales in any given market
  • The assessments also cover companies that may be smaller but have potential to be game changers longer term
  • Assessments include a Competitive Index scoring companies from 1-to-10 on critical categories including strategy, sales and marketing, product portfolio, service and support and partnerships. The Index identifies competitors as: Leader; Very Strong; Strong; Competitive; or Vulnerable to help you allocate resources most effectively

Market Disruptor Profiles

  • Reports on the suppliers making news in your sectors, even if they’re relative newcomers with limited market share e.g. innovative startups, new entrants that are gaining traction, or established players making new moves and generating differentiation in a particular niche
  • While Company Assessments provide deep competitive position insight, Market Disruptor Profiles look at new initiatives and the basis on which they are attempting to shake things up in the market

Product Assessments

  • Highly detailed views of competitors’ products and services to identify differentiators or opportunities
  • Reports on all the big-selling products in your market, with coverage routinely extending to the products making up 90% of sales
  • Coverage of smaller sellers that are showing potential to be game changers longer term
  • A Current Perspective rating is also included to assess each product’s comparative threat level in the market place