GlobalData Plc

Technology & Software

We provide valuable intelligence on the technologies and software solutions deployed by telecom service providers. Our coverage includes key vendors, their products, strategies and technology demands in the fixed-line and wireless markets.

Our Telecom Technology & Software solution supports executive, strategy, product development, sales and marketing functions.

Market Advisory & Competitive Intelligence

We provide in-depth Telecom Technology & Software insights and competitive intelligence. Our Market Advisory & Competitive Intelligence helps you stay informed of significant market events as they happen, gain insight into key competitors and better understand how to position your products and services to take advantage of market drivers.

This solution supports executive, strategy, product development, sales and marketing functions.

Coverage includes:

  • Mobile Access Infrastructure
    Mobile network infrastructure vendors, products and market drivers around the world
  • Fixed Multi-media Access Infrastructure
    Wireline telco broadband and cable access systems deployed in the access portion of service provider networks worldwide
  • Transport & Routing Infrastructure
    The technologies and companies delivering telecom services by connecting access and core network assets
  • IP Services Infrastructure
    IP Multimedia Subsystems, Service Delivery Platforms, Session Border Controllers, Policy Control, Softswitching and Diameter Signaling
  • SDN + NFV
    The Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization technologies transforming carrier networks today
  • Service Enablement Ecosystem: the solutions letting operators combine telecom and IT networking technologies to integrate operating and billing systems
  • Telecom Vendor Services
: the professional, managed and technical services being offered by major telecom network vendors and system integrators
  • Wholesale Services
: the competitive landscape facing service providers in the international carrier-to-carrier services market

Our services include:

Intelligence Reports

  • Analysis of major product, marketing or business initiatives undertaken by competitors that may affect other market players, impact on buyer behavior or influence the market’s direction
  • Full Intelligence Reports are delivered within 24-to-48 hours of detecting high-impact market activity. If even more rapid response is required, we provide Intelligence Alerts within hours
  • We also provide alerts on activities by challengers or new entrants that may not have immediate impact but should be monitored

Advisory Reports

  • In-depth reviews of important trends or issues and analysis of their likely impact

Company Assessments

  • Analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas of opportunity and potential threats that you need to manage
  • Company Assessments report on all your major competitors, with coverage routinely extending to the companies accounting for 90% of sales in any given market
  • They also cover companies that may be smaller but have potential to be game changers longer term
  • Assessments include a Competitive Index scoring companies from 1-to-10 on critical categories including strategy, sales and marketing, product portfolio, service and support and partnerships
  • The Index identifies competitors as: Leader; Very Strong; Strong; Competitive; or Vulnerable; to help you allocate resources most effectively

Market Disruptor Profiles

  • Reports on the suppliers making news in your sectors, even if they’re relative newcomers with limited market share e.g. innovative startups, new entrants that are gaining traction, or established players making new moves and generating differentiation in a particular niche
  • While Company Assessments provide deep competitive position insight, Market Disruptor Profiles look at new initiatives and the basis on which they are attempting to shake things up in the market

Product Assessments

  • Highly detailed views of competitors’ products and services to identify differentiators or opportunities
  • Reports on all the big-selling products in your market, with coverage routinely extending to the products making up 90% of sales
  • Coverage of smaller sellers that are showing potential to be game changers longer term
  • Product Assessments include a Current Perspective rating that assesses each product’s comparative threat level in the market place
Procurement support for telecom buyers

We provide trusted and objective analysis and assessments of telecom network infrastructure equipment and services to make educated purchasing decisions easier.

Our Procurement Support for Telecom Buyers supports technology and procurement roles in service provider organizations.

Services include:

  • Product Assessments
    In-depth analysis of products and services. Each Product Assessment includes expert analyst advice and recommendations on what to look for when making buying decisions
  • Vendor Assessments
    Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of key suppliers. Each Vendor Assessment also includes specific recommended actions for end-users considering a purchase of a product from that supplier
  • Side-by-side Vendor & Product Comparisons
    Compare up to six vendors or products at a time. Ideal for vendor evaluations and RFP/RFI creation/evaluation
  • Event Reports
    Timely assessments of industry events such as product or service launches, acquisitions, major corporate strategy adjustments, or changes in technology direction
  • Advisory Reports
    Perspectives on significant issues and trends that are shaping the competitive landscape

Our Procurement Support for Telecom Buyers covers:

  • Fixed Multimedia Access Infrastructure
  • IP Services Infrastructure
  • Mobile Access Infrastructure
  • SDN & NFV
  • Service Enablement Ecosystem
  • Transport and Routing Infrastructure
  • Telecom Vendor Services