Telemedicine expected to be used at high levels after the COVID-19 crisis, with most potential in chronic disease management, says GlobalData

A total *76% of people, as surveyed by GlobalData, expect telemedicine to be used widely once the pandemic had abated.

Kathryn Whitney, MSc, Director of Thematic Analysis, comments: “Telemedicine offers patients better access to care, improved health outcomes and increased patient empowerment. For healthcare professionals, it allows high-risk patients to be monitored and treated more easily, as well as improving efficiency and work-life balance.”

Furthermore, he treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease were rated by 32% of 468 respondents as the most suitable areas for the ongoing use of telemedicine.

Whitney continues: “The benefits of using telehealth for the management of chronic health conditions are enormous, particularly the potential cost savings in lowering burdens on resources and reducing hospitalization rates. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease cost healthcare systems billions every year, and if uncontrolled lead to increased hospital visits and mortality rates.”

* Between 30 April and 19 May 2020, visitors to GlobalData’s Pharmaceutical Technology website were surveyed about the anticipated use of telemedicine after the COVID-19 crisis. There were 1,492 respondents.

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