Ten most popular tweets in payment tech in November 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From bitcoins to wealth taxes, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists ten of the most popular tweets in payment tech in November 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

  1. Jameson Lopp’s tweet on governments and banks being wary about bitcoins

Bitcoin engineer Jameson Lopp tweeted about banks and governments being wary in regards to buying bitcoins or taking over the network.

On 20th November 2019, @lopp tweeted: “Q: What’s stopping big banks and governments from buying all the bitcoins and taking over the network?
A: The fact that many bitcoin owners don’t want to trade sound money for unsound money and the fact that being a bitcoin whale doesn’t give you power over the protocol”, which collected 545 likes and 12 retweets.

  1. Vitalik Buterin’s tweet on the problems associated with cryptocurrency

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and Ethereum, tweeted on the problems associated with cryptocurrencies and how they seem to have changed over the last five years.

On 24th November 2019, @VitalikButerin tweeted: “I take a look back at my ‘Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency’ blogpost and presentation from 2014, and see what progress we’ve made. https://vitalik.ca/general/2019/11/22/progress.html …,” which attracted 1,077 likes and 272 retweets.

  1. Andreas’ tweet on an ‘unknown fund’ looking to invest in bitcoins

Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos tweeted about the plans of an unknown fund created by an anonymous group to invest in bitcoins with the aim of supporting start-ups working on enhancing privacy.

On 14th November 2019, @aantonop tweeted: “The Unknown Fund, organized by a group of anonymous people, plans to invest and donate $75 million in bitcoin (BTC) to those startups working directly or indirectly on enhancing privacy. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/47127/anonymous-fund-plans-to-invest-and-donate-75m-in-bitcoin-to-startups-working-on-enhancing-privacy…,” which gained 977 likes and 310 retweets.

  1. Roger Ver’s tweet on the growing adoption of bitcoin cash for merchant payments

Roger Ver, a bitcoin promoter, tweeted on the growing acceptance of bitcoin cash (BCH) across the world, including Slovenia, Australia, New Hampshire and Japan. Eligma, a crypto payments platform, enables payments through its Elly and Gocrypto services in Slovenia.

On 4th November 2019, @rogerkver tweeted: “Bitcoin Cash has more physical merchant adoption than any other crypto currency”, which saw 625 likes and 146 retweets.

  1. Alistaire’s tweet on the best performing cryptos

Financial analyst and bitcoin investor Alistair Milne tweeted on year-to-date performances of the major cryptocurrencies. The influencer lists Tezos, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bcash and Monero as the top five best performing cryptos.

On 28th November 2019, @alistairmilne tweeted: “Year-to-date performances of the major cryptos: Bitcoin +92%, Ethereum +7%, Ripple -39% (included for the lols), Bcash +34%, Litecoin +48%, EOS -1%, BSV +14%, Stellar -50%, Tron -19%, Cardano -10%, Tezos +160%, Monero +16%,” which collected  1,117 likes and 223 retweets.

  1. Charlie’s tweet about Litecoins being supported in ATMs

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee tweeted about Litecoin being the second most supported crypto currency in ATMs, after bitcoins. The crypto enthusiast further goes onto state that approximately two-thirds of the 6,000 bitcoin ATMs support Litecoins.

On 19th November 2019, @SatoshiLite tweeted: “The 2nd most supported cryptocurrency in ATMs other than Bitcoin is Litecoin. LTC is supported by more than 2/3 of the 6000 Bitcoin ATMs. https://twitter.com/TheDailyHodl/status/1196423232146030593 …,” which gained 748 likes and 168 retweets.

  1. Aaron’s tweet on the release of bitcoin core 0.19.0

Aaron van Wirdum, founder of Dutch bitcoin news website Coincourant, tweeted about the release of bitcoin core 0.19.0. Created over a span of six months, the new client software is overseen by Bitcoin Core, an open source platform that maintains and releases bitcoin client software.

On 24th November 2019, @AaronvanW tweeted: “The latest Bitcoin Core release is out today. A selection and explanation of some of the more notable changes:https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/bitcoin-core-0-19-0-released-heres-whats-new …,” which attracted 386 likes and 117 retweets.

  1. Jimmy Song’s tweet about the outcomes associated with the use of bitcoin as a store of value (SoV)

Bitcoin entrepreneur and educator Jimmy Song tweeted that once people started using bitcoin as a SoV, such as with gold, bitcoin deposits would automatically be converted into US dollars.

On 17th November 2019, @jimmysong tweeted: “Once enough people use Bitcoin as a SoV, here’s what will happen: * You’ll be able to deposit Bitcoins to an account that can liquidate automatically to USD * You’ll be able to pay off your credit card/rent/etc with this account * This will cause more people to use BTC as SoV,” which saw 537 likes and 89 retweets.

  1. Adam Back’s tweet on China’s fight against illegal transactions

Cryptographer Adam Back tweeted on China’s fight against virtual currency trading and its effect on western countries and bitcoin. He shared an article detailing how China is stepping-up investigations and settlement processes to completely overhaul the virtual currency.

On 25th November 2019, @adam3us tweeted: “not sure what people expected, when China bans: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Spotify, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Google (docs/search) etc. for internet things China blocking #Bitcoin is a success metric. https://twitter.com/Beautyon_/status/1198926971390050304?s=20 …, which collected 339 likes and 66 retweets.

  1. Erik Voorhees’ tweet on wealth taxes leading to economic ruin

A bitcoin entrepreneur, Erik Voorhees tweeted that wealth taxes are unethical, leading to economic ruin. In his opinion, the poor will suffer the most.

On 8th November 2019, @ErikVoorhees tweeted: “There seems to be no way to convince the socialist mob that wealth taxes are both unethical & will lead to economic ruin, mostly for the poor. Sadly, this is something they’ll need to see for themselves. It means a dark time for many people For everyone else, there’s Bitcoin,” which attracted 784 likes and 153 retweets.

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