Ten of the most popular tweets on land warfare in December 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From Green Berets to the Black Sea fleet receiving Ka-31R helicopters, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists ten of the most popular tweets on land warfare in December 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

1. US Army’s tweet on the Green Berets

U.S. Army, the official account of the army, tweeted on the US Army’s Special Forces, popularly known as the Green Berets. An elite wing of the US military’s special operators, this specialised group is trained in unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance, and more.

On 8 December 2019, @USArmy tweeted: “#USArmy Special Forces #Soldiers, more commonly known as #GreenBerets, are the world’s most specialized experts in unconventional warfare. Their expertise allows us to have an advantage on any battlefield. #Ready2Fight,” which collected 2,942 likes and 792 retweets.

2. Israel Defense Forces’ tweet on rockets fired at Israeli towns and cities

IDF, the official account of the Israeli defence forces, tweeted about the firing of three rockets on Israeli towns and cities from the Gaza Strip in Southern Israel.

On 8 December 2019, @IDF tweeted: “3 rockets were fired from #Gaza at Israeli towns and cities earlier tonight. In response, IDF fighter jets & attack helicopters just struck a number of Hamas terror targets in Gaza,” which saw 3,043 likes and 787 retweets.

3. Stars and Stripes’ tweet on the launch of the Space Force

Stars and Stripes, an online platform for military news, shared an article on the launch of Space Force, a new military service, by the Trump administration. The $1.4 trillion project is expected to strengthen US interests in space, especially with respect to satellites used for communication and navigation.

On 20 December 2019, @starsandstripes tweeted: “When he publicly directed the Pentagon in June 2018 to begin working toward a Space Force, President Donald Trump spoke of the military space mission as part of a broader vision. https://www.stripes.com/news/us/space-force-will-start-small-but-let-trump-claim-a-big-win-1.611910 …,” which attracted 1,119 likes and 375 retweets.

4. Department of Defense’s tweet on the Defence Secretary’s speech

Department of Defense, the official account of the US department of defence, tweeted on the US Defence Secretary, Dr Mark T Esper’s speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum. The secretary threw light on investments being made in advanced technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to build on the country’s tactical advantage.

On 8 December 2019, @DeptofDefense tweeted: “Winning future battles requires us to contend with our competitors’ growing anti-access/area denial capabilities, hypersonic weapons, anti-satellite systems, and other emerging technologies.” – @EsperDoD ,” which gained 469 likes and 194 retweets.

5. British Army’s tweet on army commandos training in California desserts

British Army, the official account of the British Army, shared an article on the deployment of the 40 Commando Battle Group of the Royal Marines in the desserts of California to train with the US Marine Corps (USMC). Commando Gunners and Snappers joined the UK Marines Battle Group in this exercise near the border of Mexico.

On 8 December 2019, @BritishArmy tweeted: “Army Commando Gunners and Sappers, as part of the @RoyalMarines 40 Commando Battle Group, have deployed to the deserts of California, to take on their @USMC counterparts in a peer-on-peer war fighting scenario. Full story (and excellent photos) here: http://ow.ly/g8yz50xtGGo,” which collected 205 likes and 47 retweets.

6. Grant Turnbull’s tweet on Kuwaiti National Guard

Grant Turnbull, a digital content director, tweeted on the use of Israeli missile warning sensors by the Kuwaiti National Guard on their infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) variant of the Pandur fleet.

On 13 December 2019, @turnbulljourno tweeted: “Seems the Kuwaiti National Guard are still using Israeli missile warning sensors on their Pandur IFV fleet – they are just covering them up in public these days. Screen grab via Army Recognition’s GDA 2019 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=IW1-mhUa634&feature=emb_title …,” which saw 79 likes and 49 retweets.

7. Boeing Defense’s tweet on the first modified MV-22 Osprey

Boeing Defense, a manufacturer of jetliners, space, defense, and security systems, shared an article on the delivery of the first modified MV-22 Osprey by the Boeing Company and Bell Textron to the USMC. The modifications were undertaken as part of a $146m contract awarded by the US Navy to Bell Boeing in November 2019, to upgrade nine MV-22 aircrafts under the CC-RAM programme.

On 11 December 2019, @BoeingDefense tweeted: “The first #V22 Osprey upgraded under the Common Configuration – Readiness and Modernization program has been delivered to the @USMC! The @BellFlight Boeing team is committed to a modernized MV-22 fleet for Marines executing the toughest missions. MORE: https://boeing.mediaroom.com/2019-12-10-Bell-Boeing-Delivers-First-Modified-Osprey-for-Improved-Fleet-Readiness …,” which attracted 162 likes and 64 retweets.

8. U.S. Coast Guard’s tweet on Humvee

The U.S. Coast Guard, the official account of the U.S. Coast Guard, shared an article on a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee). The Humvee, otherwise known as Eleanor II, is among the 281,000 built since its adoption in 1985 by the US military. The vehicle is now decommissioned and is set to become part of the National Coast Guard Museum in Connecticut.

On 15 December 2019, @USCG tweeted: “On paper, it’s referred to as a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle – a humvee. But to friends, this particular sand-colored military vehicle is known as Eleanor II, and she’s one of a kind. #SundayReading READ: http://ow.ly/M3qm50xyw3b,” which gained 217 likes and 56 retweets.

9. Gen James’ tweet on the importance of the BCAP

Gen James, the chief of staff of the US Army, shared an article on the importance of the Battalion Commander Assessment Program (BCAP) in selecting the top battalion commanders. Battalion commanders are regarded as the most significant leaders in the army, as they come with the experience and expertise to train young soldiers, officers, and take important decisions with regards to national security.

On 23 December 2019, @ArmyChiefStaff tweeted: “Good is not good enough. We must select the best commanders possible, and the Battalion Commander Assessment Program is part of how we will do that. Battalion Commanders Are the Seed Corn of the Army @WarOnTheRocks https://warontherocks.com/2019/12/battalion-commanders-are-the-seed-corn-of-the-army/ …,” which collected 897 likes and 225 retweets.

10. Rob Lee’s tweet on the Russian Navy receiving the ‘all seeing’ radar helicopter

Rob Lee, a PhD in war studies, shared an article on the Black Sea fleet receiving the Ka-31R helicopters, which are expected to be deployed in Crimea in 2020. The radar helicopters can detect both ships and aircrafts, hundreds of kilometers away and can also click ultra-high definition radar images.

On 12 December 2019, @RALee85 tweeted: “The Black Sea Fleet’s 318th Independent Composite Aviation Regiment has begun receiving Ka-31R AEW&C helicopters, which should arrive in Crimea next year. They can track foreign ships and aircraft, and laze targets for Kalibr, Oniks, and Tsikon missiles. https://iz.ru/953338/anton-lavrov-aleksei-ramm/silnoe-zveno-noveishie-vertolety-zakryli-chernoe-more-ot-korablei-nato …,” which saw 80 likes and 47 retweets.

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