The top ten chef influencers in food service in Q3 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From Jose Andres to Damian Wawrzyniak, leading data and analytics company GlobalData has identified the top chef influencers in Q3 2019, using data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. Jose Andres

Jose Andres is a Michelin-starred, James Beard Award-winning chef. Founder and chairman of World Central Kitchen, he is regarded as one of the most influential people by Time magazine. He has also co-founded the Think Food Group, which owns more than 30 restaurants globally.

On 7th September 2019, @chefjoseandres tweeted: “Dear friends of the @uscoastguard We did 14k meals yesterday, 20k today we could do 30k if we had your support if you had a heli free. We goa marked sites and names of the places we need to bring food! @usaid #ChefsForBahamas”, which collected 46,081 likes and 13,312 retweets.

2. Zack Gallagher

Zack Gallagher, a professional chef from Donegal, Ireland, serves as food tourism promoter for Ireland. He serves as a food ambassador for Fáilte Ireland and the National Tourism Development Authority of Ireland.

On 22nd September, @IrishFoodGuide tweeted: “Ireland’s #Food scene has undergone something of a revolution in recent years! Artisan producers and world-class chefs have been getting creative with our produce, using fresh local ingredients to create incredible flavours, that look amazing too!”, which attracted 30 likes and 12 retweets.

3. Adie Hush

Adie Hush is a chef and food blogger from London, UK. He regularly tweets about healthy food, recipes, and the latest trends in the food industry.

On 28th August, @AdieHush tweeted: “Lemon Coriander Chicken #Curry My own recipe. Coriander Green Chilli Lemon Ginger & Onion spice paste. Fried off & added homemade chicken stock. Flavour deepened with Fish Sauce Paprika & Shrimp paste Deep Rich Potent #Diaryfree #Nutfree #Glutenfree #Healthy”, which gained 30 likes and 12 retweets.

4. Joe Bandler

Joe Bandler is a chef and restaurateur, who contributes significantly to the website that features recipes, products, diets, and lifestyle articles to lead a sugar-free life.

On 29th September, @ChefJoeBandler tweeted: “#RECIPE #sugar-free Scrumptious Splenda Oatmeal Cookies”, which collected one like and 2 retweets.

5. Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a multi-Michelin starred chef based in the UK and the executive chef at Hell’s Kitchen. He owns a string of restaurants in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and the US.

On 14th September, @gordonramsay tweeted: “Oh lord….@GRStreetPizza are making breakfast pizza a thing!!”, which collected 4,334 likes and 326 retweets.

6. Jp Mcmahon

Jp McMahon is a chef, restaurateur, and author from Ireland. He runs the Aniar Boutique Cookery School and is also the culinary director at EatGalway Restaurant Group.

On 11th September, @mistereatgalway tweeted: “Dexter beef tartare, pepper dulse @AniarGalway”, which saw 63 likes and eight retweets.

7. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a chef and restaurateur based in the UK. He owns a restaurant business named Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, which produces digital content, runs franchised restaurants, and markets a range of food products curated by Jamie.

On 14th September, @jamieoliver tweeted: “Wow, Buddy Oliver sure is following in the steps of his Dad…! Buddy is getting your weekend started with some seriously good scrambled eggs #SaturdayBrunch”, which attracted 3,148 likes and 266 retweets.

8. Rocky and Mayur

Rocky and Mayur are TV anchors and food enthusiasts, who travel across India to capture food flavours from different cultures and states. Highway on My Plate (HOMP) was one of their most popular shows that won the Indian Telly Award for the Best Travel Show within two years of airing.

On 26th September, @rockyandmayur tweeted: “It’s very very rarely that I say great things about vegetarian food (usually I say nothing)- but on #IndiasBestRestaurants today here’s a vegetarian meal I loved with superb flavors.”, which gained 25 likes and seven retweets.

9. Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is a UK-based food writer and cookery host. Her first book, ‘How to Eat’ was published in 1998, while her second, ‘How to be a domestic goddess’ helped her win the British Book Award of the Year.

On 29th September, @Nigella_Lawson tweeted: “It’s Rosh Hashanah, and that means Honey Cake is #RecipeOfTheDay. I also need to point out, as I do every year, that there is actually no honey it. …”, which collected 770 likes and 76 retweets.

10. Damian Wawrzyniak

Damian Wawrzyniak is an award-winning chef and culinary influencer based in the UK. He was voted as one of the Top 10 UK Food Pioneer by BBC Good Food and was honoured with the Knights Cross Award by the President of Poland.

On 4th September, @ChefConsultant tweeted: “I’ve heard lots of people are storing food to survived winter because of BREXIT… If you guys need any help, I am pretty good with curing meats and making pickles, I could show you how to survive six months with water, flour and beets. P.S. Give me Potato – I’ll make you vodka!”, which saw 50 likes and nine retweets.

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