Tinder missed a golden opportunity to bring video calling to the app during the pandemic, says GlobalData

Following the news that Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, announced during its Q2 earnings that it would add audio and video calling to its dating app portfolio;

Dr Lil Read, Analyst at the GlobalData Thematic Team, offers her view:

“Tinder missed a golden opportunity to add video calling to the app during the pandemic, and bringing it in now is like turning up an hour late to a first date and forgetting your wallet.

“People may have been stuck at home, but they still wanted to date. Another Match Group app, Hinge, rolled out video and audio during the pandemic, so it was technically feasible. However, the Tinder app is notoriously glitchy. If Tinder had made this move in March or April last year, maybe more people would have swiped right.

“Video calling is a necessary feature that should’ve been rolled out in Tinder’s app long ago. It’s crucial for safety – meeting a stranger from the internet always has its dangers – and for maintaining social distancing.

“Further, video and audio meetings in the app can act as an extra safety measure, as you don’t have to give your number or social media handles to anyone you don’t know, and you don’t have to meet a stranger in a park.

“According to a GlobalData survey from June 2021, one in five (21%) people worldwide are still extremely concerned about restrictions on socializing. This is most prevalent among younger generations, with 25% of 16-34 year olds extremely concerned.”

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