Top 50 Future Robotics Unicorns

With the expansion of the roles that #robots can perform, deep-pocketed #venturecapital #investors are attracted to invest in the high-growth space.

The #COVID19 pandemic has certainly provided tailwinds to #robotics, as companies around the world are tapping into the growth opportunity in the mobile autonomous robotics market.

In Q2 2021, the industry reported an investment of over US$6.5bn spanning 177 deals globally, with #AsiaPacific accounting for over 44% deal volume with a total value of US$ 2.71bn, led by Chinese startups.

GlobalData Plc predicts the top 50 future Robotics #startups that have the potential to become #unicorns (valuation more than US$1bn) using its proprietary #UnicornPredictionModel.

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