Top military and security influencers in Q4 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From UK Defence Journal to HMArmedForcesReview, leading data and analytics company GlobalData has identified the top influencers in military and security in Q4 2019, based on data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. UK Defence Journal

UK Defence Journal is a website that covers British and international defence news and analysis. Contributed by a group of volunteers across the political spectrum, the online platform operates independently and is not affiliated to any political group or party. The website is not funded and is run wholly by defence enthusiasts, military personnel, and industry experts.

On 15 November, @UKDefJournal tweeted: “BREAKING: Babcock has won the competition to build five Type 31e Frigates for the Royal Navy in Rosyth, Scotland.…”, which collected 1,339 likes and 623 retweets.

2. Isaac Alexander

Isaac Alexander is a top military and security influencer who is also the Editor in Chief of Jet Star City, a platform that provides news on aviation, defence, and space.

On 19 November, @jetcitystar tweeted: “This Week in Aviation History via @SpeedNews 2012: US Navy begins testing @NorthropGrumman X-47B unmanned combat air vehicle on USS Harry S. Truman. 2009: First flight of the @GulfstreamAero G650. 2008: First flight of the @COMACAmerica ARJ21”, which saw two likes.

3. RealClearDefense

RealClearDefense (RCD) is a platform that provides all defence-related news including national security and military news, defence policies, and foreign affairs. It was created on the request of the House Armed Services Committee, who felt the need for a comprehensive landscape for providing all military and defence-related news.

On 30 November, @RCDefense tweeted: “China Tests Killer Drones for Urban Warfare @SCMPNews…”, which attracted 28 likes and 33 retweets.

4. War on the Rocks

War on the Rocks is an online platform that provides news, analysis, commentaries, and multimedia content on defence policies and issues related to national security. The platform includes podcasts and feature articles contributed by war veterans and top scholars, who are engaged in war studies.

On 31 October, @WarOnTheRocks tweeted: “The Pentagon seems unable to stop adopting new missions, which means it cannot focus on China and Russia.…”, which saw 72 likes and 43 retweets.

5. Defense One

Defense One provides news, analysis, ideas, and trends related to US national security, defence policies, business, and technology. A property of Atlantic Media, the platform informs citizens and security professionals about the latest news and analysis with respect to the national security landscape.

On 19 October, @DefenseOne tweeted: “The U.S. Army this week awarded Raytheon a $384 million deal for a half-dozen high-tech radars. Their task: detecting drone swarms, cruise missiles, and the fast-flying hypersonic weapons expected in the wars of the future, writes @MarcusReports.”, which earnt 70 likes and 44 retweets.


CSIS is a non-profit research organisation based out of Washington D.C. It provides practical solutions, analysis, and policy initiatives for decision makers and leaders. Founded during the Cold War, the organisation has been regarded as a distinguished international policy institution since 1962.

On 29 December, @CSIS tweeted: “The Yusang-ni missile operating base is reported to house ICBMs with first strike capabilities against the United States:”, which gained 73 likes and 94 retweets.

7. Navy Lookout

Navy Lookout is an independent online campaign that supports the Royal Navy (RN). The platform is not affiliated to the Ministry of Defence and is contributed by ex-servicemen and academics. It provides news, analysis, and commentaries about the RN, addressing issues such as increasing its funding, highlighting their works, and carrying out proper assessments.

On 29 October, @ NavyLookout tweeted: “Dutch Navy makes drugs bust (on its own ship) 11 kilos of cocaine found on board the HNLMS Johan de Witt…”, which attracted 253 likes and 116 retweets.

8. Ulrike E Franke

Ulrike E Franke is a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). Her focus area of studies include European and German defence and security, politics, the future of warfare, as well as the impact of emerging technologies including drones and artificial intelligence (AI).

On 6 November, @RikeFranke tweeted: “Tomorrow, German defence minister Annegret #KrampKarrenbauer will give a keynote speech outlining her main views on security and defence policy. Will follow with interest…”, which acquired 36 likes and 17 retweets.

9. Unmanned Systems Tech

Unmanned Systems Tech is an online directory of suppliers, components, and services in the unmanned systems industry. The platform allows members to discuss and share information on the latest technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones, unmanned ground vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, surface and subsea vehicles, space vehicles, and robotic applications.

On 18 December, @UnmannedSystem tweeted: “Five finalists for fourth round of #GENIUSNY announced and continue to compete for a total of $3 million in direct #investment. Find out who are the finalists: #drone #robotics #IoT @GENIUSNYProgram”, which gained seven likes.

10. HMArmedForcesReview

HMArmedForcesReview is an independent platform that covers news, features, and reviews on British defence related topics. The website is not affiliated to any government body or the Ministry of Defence.

On 8 November, @ForcesReviewUK tweeted: “…Up-armoured Warriors for Op Carbit. Very interesting. @TotherChris @thinkdefence @UKDefSecAdvisor @UKDefAdvisor @JointForcesNews @warfare_today”, which collected three likes.

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