Top ten beverage influencers in Q3 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From Peter Dickens to Tim Atkin, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists the top ten beverage influencers in Q3 2019, based on data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. Peter Dickens

Peter Dickens, a wine connoisseur from Worcestershire, UK, has spent four years in wine-tasting. He shares a passion for the UK and Italian wines. Peter tweets on his wine experiences using the #yearofwine hashtag on Twitter.

On 28 September, @pietrosd tweeted: “#yearofwine2019 @gianlucamorino Nizza  neuvSENT 14 Vecchia My last bottle Love this wine.@JMiquelWine @fabienlaine @winewankers @frankstero @SteveKubota @suziday123 @jules_mahon @KellyMitchell @ricasoli99 @jimofayr @RichLJames @Oberreimer @DemiCassiani @MacCocktail @PBMMW”, which saw 63 likes and 22 retweets.

2. Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph is a wine connoisseur, consultant and commentator. Robert created the le Grand Noir and Greener Planet wine brands to compete with French wines. An experienced wine journalist, Robert also launched the Wine International Magazine in 1983 and has written more than 20 books sharing his passion for wines.

On 17 September, @robertjoseph tweeted: “D’Arenburg’s moving label on its super-premium wine”, which collected 55 likes and eight retweets.

3. Fabien Laine

Fabien Laine is a French traveller, entrepreneur and wine connoisseur. He is also a marketer, content creator, and editor across several media platforms.

On 30 September, @creativefabien tweeted: “Fall is also a great time for barbecue; let’s enjoy some Pinot Noir by @ConoSurWines a little bit chilled and appreciate life treats. #winelover #foodlover”, which collected 13 likes and five retweets.

4. Jon Thorsen

Jon Thorsen is a strategic marketer, who founded the website, Reverse Wine Snob, with the aim to make wine accessible to all. Listed as a top source for wines, the website rates wines based on a unique scoring algorithm considering taste and affordability as the parameters.

On 4 August, @ReverseWineSnob tweeted: “Did you know? #wine #winelover”, which gained 42 likes and 28 retweets.

5. Frankie Cook

Frankie Cook is a wine aficionado currently serving as a wine advisor for Baggot Street Wines. He writes the Frankly Wines blog and is a key industry writer at the Glass of Bubbly® magazine.

On 17 September, @frankstero tweeted: “Who likes Central Otago Pinot Noir? …@pietrosd @jimofayr @NirinaXX @mar_delolmo @JMiquelWine @libertyireland @JeremyPalmer7 @ricasoli99 @timmilford @IBrosnan @Effiwine @TheWineKiwi @GabyGuedezH @winewankers @nzwine @nineov @groutie60 @BaggotStWines #NZwine”, which attracted 58 likes and 28 retweets.

6. Julien Miquel

Julien Miquel is a French wine connoisseur, producer, consultant, writer, and YouTuber. He founded the Social Vignerons in 2014, a blog that allows wine lovers and professionals to share their passion and knowledge with each other.

On 9 September, @JMiquelWine tweeted: “The Different Types of Moët & Chandon #Champagne New #Wine Video #winelover #moet”, which collected 19 likes and 11 retweets.

7. Fiona Beckett

Fiona Beckett is a food and wine writer and web publisher. She currently serves as a wine columnist for the Guardian and is a contributing editor for Decanter. Fiona is the founder of the Matching Food and Wine blog, which offers pairing advice to amateurs as well as experts.

On 14 July, @winematcher tweeted: “This week’s @guardian column is all about how natural wines are entering the mainstream”, which collected 88 likes and 20 retweets.

8. Jamie Goode

Jamie Goode is a wine journalist, author, and technical and marketing consultant offering consulting services to wine businesses. He founded the Wine anorak wine website in 1999.

On 17 September, @jamiegoode tweeted: “Honest opinions on big brand wines, on camera – here I taste Apothic’s Inferno and deliver my verdict …” which saw 57 likes and six retweets.

9. Melissa Cole

Melissa Cole is a beer and food writer. Certified under the Cicerone© Certification Program, she educates beer professionals and specialises in cooking with beer. Melissa has collaborated with breweries such as Brasserie de la Senne, Fuller’s, St Austell, Odell, Thornbridge, Ilkley, Anspach & Hobday, and New Holland.

On 21 September, @MelissaCole tweeted: “And there we go, splash of @bigdropbrewco Brown ale in the mix for good measure and that’ll be left to bubble ever so gently for a good hour until it reduces to thin gravy consistency, cooled and then reheated later with the all-important peas!”, which gained nine likes and one retweet.

10. Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin is a wine writer, photographer, and founder of Tim’s content is published on Decanter, Harpers, The World of Fine Wine, and The Drinks Business.

On 7 September, @timatkin tweeted: “God, I love this wine. And soon, fingers crossed, to be allowed to call itself a Ribera del Duero Blanco. #riberadelduero”, which attracted 147 likes and 19 retweets.

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