Top ten insurtech influencers in Q3 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From Spiros Maragaris to Jean-Baptiste Lefevre, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists the top ten influencers in insurtech in Q3 2019, based on data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris is the founder of margaris ventures, a venture capital firm specialising in the development of non-linear solutions for companies in the financial services industry.

On 15 September, @SpirosMargaris tweeted: “Most #innovation originates from #customers, not #companies  #fintech #insurtech #startup #VC @timschweisfurth @ConversationUK @F10_accelerator @SabineVdL @UrsBolt @cgledhill @sbmeunier @leimer @RAlexJimenez @stratorob @UrsBolt @DimDrandakis”, which collected 61 likes and 51 retweets.

2. Dr. Robin Kiera

Dr Robin Kiera is the founder of, a platform that allows managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs to share best practices. These individuals share their views on the prevailing business and technology trends in the finance and insurance industry.

On 25 September, @stratorob tweeted: “The German #insurer @lv1871 at the #itc2019. @RobertWeidinger sharing: how to talk to #insurance incumbents and underlining how important it is to learn how to startups as incumbent too. It’s not a one way street but more a roller coaster #lasvegas #insurtech @SumChi”, which gained 16 likes and 11 retweets.

3. Andreas Staub

Andreas Staub is the managing partner at FehrAdvice & Partners, a consulting firm specialising in behavioural economics. He provides consulting services in compensation and performance management, behavioural change, digitalisation, and more at the company.

On 19 September, @andi_staub tweeted: “The Importance Of #Cybersecurity In #fintech #AI #ux #CX #regulation #KYC #BigData #Insurtech @HaroldSinnott @missdkingsbury @ipfconline1 @Damien_CABADI @jblefevre60 @Julez_Norton @andy_lucerne @horstwilmes @TheRudinGroup @Thomas_Harrer via @tradersdna”, which saw 17 likes and 30 retweets.

4. Minh Q. Tran

Minh Q Tran is managing partner at the Odysseus Alternative Ventures (OAV), a private equity firm that facilitates the transformation of agile financial services technology organisations into big players.

On 2 September, @Minh_Q_Tran tweeted: “French startup Alan launches 4 new verticals #Insurtech #fintech @OdysseusVenture @SeedFounders @Insurtech_Cap @AliPaterson @Salisafa @GuyFraker @charliehalkett @SusanneChishti @denisegarth @sahoodk @stratorob @ArkangelScrap @DrFerdowsi”, which attracted 89 likes and 102 retweets.

5. Ronald van Loon

Ronald van Loon is the director of Advertisement, a consultancy firm that deals in data and analytics. He helps data-driven companies to generate maximum business value.

On 5 September, @Ronald_vanLoon tweeted: “#AI use cases in Banking [#INFOGRAPHICS] #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #DL #Fintech #Insurtech #Digital #DigitalTransformation #FutureOfWork #Analytics #PredictiveAnalytics #Chatbots #Data #Technology”, which collected 34 likes and 46 retweets.

6. Mike de Waal

Mike de Waal has proven expertise in the software and insurance industries. Mike founded Global IQX, a software solutions provider for insurance companies. He has also founded other companies including Capital Financial Planners, ConnectInsure, and MD Benefits.

On 17 September, @globaliqx tweeted: “Insurers make investments in predictive analytics #AI #Fintech #Insurtech #DigitalTransformation @antgrasso @andi_staub @dinisguarda @nigewillson @jamesvgingerich @YuHelenYu @automeme @samiranghosh @mclynd @MiaD @realColinMac”, which gained 12 likes and 12 retweets.

7. Nick Bilodeau

Nick Bilodeau is a financial services expert who currently serves as the executive director at Quantum.

On 20 September, @FinMktg tweeted: “As #AI is spreading alongside the insurance value chain, premiums underwritten via AI technologies are expected to reach $20B by 2024. #InsurTech #FinTech via @FGraillot @floriansemle @jblefevre60 @SabineVdL @psb_dc @TunstallAsc  @DeepLearn007”, which collected 14 likes and nine retweets.

8. Sebastien Meunier

An expert in financial services, Sebastien Meunier currently heads the management consulting firm, Chappius Halder & Co., New York, as director.

On 4 September, @sbmeunier tweeted: “Here are several new business models in Financial Services, enabled by technology including #API. #fintech #insurtech via @FGraillot #finserv”, which collected 33 likes and 18 retweets.

9. Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso is the creator and founder of Digital Business Innovation, an Italy-based start-up that provides digital solutions for businesses.

On 16 September, @antgrasso tweeted: “13 applications for Artificial Intelligence in Insurance. Link >>  @MikeQuindazzi @StatistaCharts via @antgrasso #AI #IoT #Insurtech #Fintech #BigData #DataScience #Analytics #FinServ”, which attracted 229 likes and 200 retweets.

10. Jean-Baptiste Lefevre

Jean-Baptiste Lefevre is the social media manager with BNP Paribas, an international banking group based in France.

On 13 September, @jblefevre60 tweeted: “Join us & great global #fintech experts at the Fin&Tech Summit in #Bordeaux October 8-9 2019 @FnTSummit to discuss about #AI #Blockchain #RegTech #Cybersecurity #insurtech w/ @JimMarous @DeepLearn007 @ipfconline1 @leimer @psb_dc @helene_wpli @guzmand @SimonCocking @Xbond49”, which collected 80 likes and 80 retweets.

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