Top ten most popular tweets on AI in November 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From expressing the current difficulties faced by technology leaders in explaining artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to next-generation applications of AI, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists ten of the most popular tweets on AI in November 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

1. Vala Afshar’s tweet on difficulties faced in explaining AI and blockchain

Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce, tweeted about the current difficulties faced by technology pioneers in describing AI and blockchain by sharing a video of an interview of Bill Gates at a talk show hosted by David Letterman in 1995.

On 19th November 2019, @ValaAfshar tweeted: “In 1995, only two years after the birth of the worldwide web, @BillGates tried to explain the ‘Internet’ to @Letterman. Technology pioneers today face the same difficulty and ridicule as they attempt to describe artificial intelligence and blockchain”, which collected 969 likes and 467 retweets.

2. Mike Quindazzi’s tweet on spatial computing

Mike Quindazzi, Managing director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, shared a video on how spatial computing was being used to create real-time telepresence.

On 12th November 2019, @MikeQuindazzi tweeted, “#SpatialComputing powering real-time telepresence with a volumetrically captured #Avatar @magicleap and via @MikeQuindazzi #AI #AR #VR #3D #Hologram #UX #UI #IoT #WearableTech”, which gathered 357 likes and 277 retweets.

3. Evan Kirstel’s tweet on AI-powered health pods

Evan Kirstel, Chief Digital Evangelist at eViRa Health, shared a video of AI-powered health pods developed by Bodyo, a health technology company based in France, that measure a person’s vitals such as blood pressure and body composition.

On 7th November 2019, @evankirstel tweeted: “These #AI powered health pods are making wellness checks more accessible! #healthtech #eHealth #digitalhealth #Robotics #IoT #Industry40 #xMed #Artificialintelligence”, which saw 414 likes and 276 retweets.

4. Ronald van Loon’s tweet on robots overtaking humans

Ronald van Loon, Director at Advertisement, shared a video from the World Economic Forum that details how robots will overtake humans in various tasks.

On 25th November 2019, @Ronald_vanLoon tweeted, “This is when #Robots will overtake humans. by @wef #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #DL #4IR #Robots #ArtificialIntelligence Cc: @chboursin @MikeQuindazzi”, which gained 289 likes and 253 retweets.

5. Kirk Borne’s tweet on what happens in an internet minute

Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, shared an infographic that describes what happens on the internet in one minute and how much data is processed in a day.

On 11th November 2019, @KirkDBorne tweeted: “A Day in Data and An Internet Minute! #BigData = the fuel #MachineLearning = the engine #AI = the actionable intelligence #DataScience = the process”, which saw 388 likes and 241 retweets.

6. Giuliano Liguori’s tweet on self-transforming robot blocks

Giuliano Liguori, Chief Information Officer at CTP, a public transport service company, shared a video of self-transforming robot blocks that can jump, skip, flip, and identify each other.

On 20 November 2019, @ingliguori tweeted: “Self-transforming #Robot blocks jump, spin, flip, and identify each other. {#video} Via @ingliguori #Robotics #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #ML #MachineLearning @jblefevre60 @antgrasso @enricomolinari @AkwyZ @psb_dc @AghiathChbib @Harry_Robots @FrRonconi @Julez_Norton @mvollmer1”, which attracted 147 likes and 102 retweets.

7. Erik Brynjolfsson’s tweet on an interview with an AI language model

Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor at MIT, shared an article containing an interview conducted with an AI called GPT-2 developed by Openai, an AI research company.

On 26th November 2019, @erikbryn tweeted: “Here’s an impressive “interview” with GPT-2 in @TheEconomist. The answers are more coherent than those of many humans. #AI #NLP #MachineLearning #2MA Ht: @ilyasut Cc: @JeffDean @ylecun @AndrewYNg @GaryMarcus @jackclarkSF @OpenAI @indexingai @mit_ide”, which collected 125 likes and 84 retweets.

8. Tamara McCleary’s tweet on next-generation applications of AI

Tamara McCleary shared an article detailing the next-generation applications of AI and machine learning including credit card fraud detection, virtual stylist, and data management.

On 29th November 2019, @TamaraMcCleary tweeted: “The Next-Generation Applications Of Artificial Intelligence And #MachineLearning… #AI”, which attracted 93 likes and 82 retweets.

9. Spiros Margaris’ tweet on using AI to transform a photo into a dance video

Spiros Margaris, a venture capitalist, shared a video of an AI developed by Nvidia Corporation that can combine an existing video and a single image to make the person in the image imitate the movements in the video.

On 5th November 2019, @SpirosMargaris tweeted, “How @Nvidia’s new #AI can make anyone move like Jagger with just a single #photo  #fintech #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #DeepLearning @IndianIdle @thenextweb @pierrepinna @Paula_Piccard @jblefevre60 @Fisher85M@HaroldSinnott”, which gained 76 likes and 74 retweets.

10. Chris Anderson’s tweet on the world’s smallest AI supercomputer, Jetson Xavier NX

Chris Anderson, the CEO of 3DR, a robotics company, tweeted about the Jetson Xavier NX, which is considered the world’s smallest and most powerful AI supercomputer.

On 6th November 2019, @chr1sa tweeted: “This is huge! A Jetson Nano form factor but 20+x the performance. It will allow @DIYRobocars using AI with full resolution video and multiple deep learning stacks running simultaneously (lane keeping, obstacle avoidance, goal identification, etc). Works with Nano dev board…”, which attracted 228 likes and 62 retweets.

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