Top ten tweets on Big Data in November 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From a bricklaying machine to data science, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists ten of the most popular tweets on Big Data in November 2019, based on data from the company’s Influencer Platform.

1. Ronald van Loon’s tweet on the bricklaying machine that can transform the construction industry

Technology influencer Ronald van Loon shared a video on a bricklaying machine called Sam (semi-automated mason), which could transform the construction industry.

On 24th November 2019, @Ronald_vanLoon tweeted: “This #Machine will change the world of construction by @techinsider#FutureOfWork #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #BigData #Robotics #MachineLearning #ML #Automation #InternetofThings #IoT #IIoT Cc: @haroldsinnott @MikeQuindazzi @SpirosMargaris”, which collected 241 likes and 212 retweets.

2. Kirk Borne’s tweet on what happens in an internet minute in 2019

Kirk Borne, an astrophysicist and data scientist, shared infographics on what actually happens in a day in data, and in an internet minute in 2019.

@KirkDBorne tweeted: “A Day in Data and An Internet Minute!#BigData = the fuel #MachineLearning = the engine #AI = the actionable intelligence #DataScience = the process”, which saw 388 likes and 237 retweets.

3. Ronald van Loon’s tweet on artificial intelligence (AI) that can visualise human thoughts

Ronald van Loon tweeted about Japanese scientists having created an AI that can visualise human thoughts.

On 12th November 2019, @Ronald_vanLoon tweeted: “Japanese Scientists have Created #AI that can visualize our thought by @wef#BigData #ArtificialIntelligence#Innovation #EmergingTech #innovation #NLP #DataScience #Robotics #robots #DigitalTransformation Cc: @mvollmer1 @cloudera @datafloq @fogorosandrei @bigdata_joe,” which attracted 148 likes and 137 retweets.

4. Marcus Borba’s tweet on how an algorithm can predict the success of a company

Technology influencer and data scientist Marcus Borba shared a video by the World Economic Forum, that depicted how an algorithm can decide if a company can be successful or not.

On 4th November 2019, @marcusborba tweeted: “This algorithm can predict if your start-up will be successful by @wef #ArtificialIntelligence #Startups #BigData #Analytics #MachineLearning #DataScience #Algorithms #PredictiveAnalytics #DeepLearning #AI,” which gained 233 likes and 135 retweets.

5. Kirk Borne’s tweet on the importance of data literacy

Kirk Borne shared an article detailing the need for the future generations to be more data literate than to focus on opportunities related to coding.

On 21st November 2019, @KirkDBorne tweeted: “It’s great that we are teaching kids to code, but #Coding is one of those job categories that #AI will wipe out in 10 years: …Far better to teach kids #DigitalLiteracy and #DataLiteracy — #DataScience is gateway to #STEM careers: …,” which attracted 220 likes and 109 retweets.

6. Antonio Grasso’s tweet on embracing data analytics

A top B2B influencer, Antonio Grasso tweeted on the future being all about data analytics. The influencer shared an article explaining how millennials should look at the world and bolster one’s knowledge and understanding of advanced analytics.

On 11th November 2019, @antgrasso tweeted: “No job of the future will be immune from Data Analytics, so embrace data analytics as a way to differentiate yourself and “Do good for your customers and the planet” in the process.” @schmarzo via @antgrasso #DataScience #Jobs #FutureofWork #Analytics,” which collected 141 likes and retweets 104.

7. KDnuggets lists the core data science skills and hot emerging ones

KDnuggets, a site covering technologies such as analytics, AI, machine learning, data mining, and data science, discusses which data science skills are at the core and which are emerging. The site conducted a poll based on 30 skills, which received approximately 1,500 votes.

On 5th November 2019, @kdnuggets tweeted: “Which Data Science Skills are core and which are hot/emerging ones? – KDnuggets”, which saw 101 likes and 54 retweets.

8. Antonio Grasso’s tweet on DataOps emerging as an independent methodology to build analytical solutions

Antonio Grasso tweeted about the growing significance of DataOps as an emerging methodology to control the irrepressible data pipelines that exist across most organisations.

On 6th November 2019, @antgrasso tweeted: “DataOps is an emerging methodology for building analytic solutions that uses automated testing, orchestration, development, containerization, and monitoring to improve data quality. Link >>  @EckersonGroup via @antgrasso #BigData #Analytics #IoT #DataOps,” which gained 114 likes and 98 retweets.

9. Mike Quindazzi’s tweet on the growing number of websites

Business development leader Mike Quindazzi tweeted about the growing number of websites since the first ever published website, the World Wide Web, in 1991. The influencer shared data which revealed that nearly two million websites came into existence with the entry of Google.

On 22nd November 2019 @MikeQuindazzi tweeted: “1.7 billion #websites have been added to the #WWW since 1991 >>> @StatistaCharts via @MikeQuindazzi >>> #MegaTrends #EmergingTechnologies #EmergingMarkets #IoT #AI #DataAnalytics #CyberSecurity #FinTech >>>,” which collected 43 likes and 52 retweets.

10. Antonio Grasso’s tweet on data science

Antonio Grasso tweeted about data science not being a single discipline but an intersection of many.

On 9th November 2019, @antgrasso tweeted: “Data Science is not a single discipline, but a craft at the intersection of many – Deconstructing Data Science. Link >> ht @cloudpreacher @ajva1996 via @antgrasso #DataScience #Analytics #AI”, which attracted 87 likes and 76 retweets.

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