TUI’s refund confirmation critical to protecting brand reputation

Following the news that the UK’s biggest travel agency has confirmed refunds are still available for travelers, Johanna Bonhill-Smith, Travel and Tourism Analyst at GlobalData offers her view:

“This clarification issued by TUI will no doubt ease customer’s minds thus aiding the reputation of the brand as smaller, independent agencies have begun eliminating refund requests.

“Having confirmed yesterday that the suspension of beach and cruise programmes were extended until May 14th (beach) and May 31st (cruise), the European travel giant faced major criticism by not outlining the cancellation options for travelers. 

“Lack of clarity is circulating the travel space right now as travel agents have been overwhelmed with mass cancellations amid global travel restrictions. When a tourist attempts to cancel their vacation plans this is a time when clarity and integrity are critical to ensure consumer satisfaction.

 “A company that holds an in-coherent cancellation policy will now face global exposure, at a time when reputation and loyalty is critical for the future success of a company. This calls for more travel businesses to follow suit and clarify options available for travelers with cancelled holiday plans”.

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