UK aims to make ‘healthy food’ synonymous with ‘good for the environment’, says GlobalData

Following the recent announcement of the UK national food strategy reform, Jenny Questier, Senior Consumer Analyst at leading data and analytics company GlobalData notes that these reforms will help blur the lines between individuals’ health and environmental health, making ‘healthy food’ synonymous with ‘good the the environment’.

Questier says: “Many consumers’ purchasing decisions take into account both health and sustainability, and these two issues are becoming increasingly linked as healthier alternatives are seen as ‘better’ overall.

“We know from GlobalData’s consumer surveys that keeping the whole family healthy and safe has been of utmost importance to consumers – especially during this uncertain time when health issues are at the forefront of consumers’ minds. An increasingly aware consumer base is looking for accessible products that align with their values.”

GlobalData’s 2021 Q1 Consumer Survey found that health and wellbeing continues to be a key driver for purchase for 45%* of UK consumers. Further, 45%* of UK consumers are currently buying plant-based alternatives for health reasons, while 28%* are buying these for sustainability reasons.

Similarly, GlobalData’s 2021 Q2 Consumer Survey revealed that environmentally friendly products are a key driver for purchase, with over two thirds (70%)** of UK consumers finding sustainably or ethically sourced ingredients appealing.

Questier continues: “Many consumers have used the pandemic period to pause and reflect on their shopping habits. Where personal motivation to lose weight or eat healthier has fallen flat, particularly regarding weight management as terms like ‘bikini body’ have come under fire for negative connotations, the desire to support a wider, global issue is stronger than ever; and, with the right communication, the message that healthier eating also helps environmental issues could give healthy eating measures an extra boost.”

* GlobalData’s 2021 Q1 Consumer Survey, March 2021

** GlobalData’s 2021 Q2 Consumer Survey, June 2021

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