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UK leads online commerce market by spending per household

According to research from GlobalData on the online consumer payments market, households in the UK spent the most on average through all online channels in 2015.

The average UK household spent $5,900 over the year, or 9% of the average household final consumption expenditure (HFCE) for the UK in 2015. The UK is one of the most developed online commerce markets globally, with its online spending as a proportion of HFCE being the highest among all developed markets surveyed by GlobalData in 2015.

Other developed countries such as the US, Norway, Denmark, and Australia also saw high levels of spending online per household in 2015, signaling their relatively lower growth potential compared to developing economies. In these markets, most consumers have access to online channels and are engaged in online commerce; the majority of future growth will depend on displacement of instore shopping by online shopping among existing online commerce users.

In developing countries, average household spending online tends to be much lower, particularly in countries with low internet penetration and high populations such as India and Indonesia (internet penetration was 26% in India and 21% in Indonesia in 2015, according to data from Timetric. Both countries saw average household spending of approximately $100 in 2015 via online channels. These markets therefore have high growth potential due to their fast-growing economies and large pools of non-internet users.

China is also an interesting case as a developing market in respect of online commerce spending per household in 2015. Its average spend per household was the highest of all surveyed developing markets in 2015, due to the high penetration of online commerce among internet users (only 21% of internet users do not shop online regularly, according to GlobalData’s 2016 Consumer Payments Insight Survey).

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