US digital businesses attracted the highest VC funding in North America during 2006-2017

According to research by GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, US digital businesses have emerged as the most attractive sector for venture capital (VC) investment in North America during 2006-2017, with four out of the top five VC funded firms representing a digital business model.

The top 4 company’s Lyft, Airbnb Inc, Uber Technologies and Snap have all benefited from a VC investment focus in digital businesses receiving the highest funding of the Top 5 companies in North America with Uber receiving a staggering $10.2Bn by 2017. Social Finance (SoFi), an alternative financial services company focused on lending, wealth management and insurance came in at fifth position.

Naveen Kalluri, Financial Deals Analyst at GlobalData commented, ‘‘By sweeping all of the top five slots of the North American VC funding list, the US maintained its position as the center of digital innovation and home to world beating digital businesses around physical asset intensive sectors.’’

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