US should equip citizens with PPE to lessen COVID-19 second wave if economy re-opens

Following the news that the US Senate is considering the ‘Opening Up America Again’ act;

James Spencer, Data Scientist at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on the country reopening plan:

“Many countries have started to feel the pinch to their stalled economies and some have started to open their economies again. However, the US will need much more in the way of healthcare infrastructure to make this a reality. 

“Many countries are turning an eye towards regaining their pre-COVID freedom but this has not always ended well. In the case of Hokkaido underwent stringent lockdown and had one of the world’s fewest new cases per capita. However, when it opened the economy back up under pressure from the business sector, a second wave of COVID-19 broke out – far exceeding the first wave in size and severity. If the US is to avoid Hokkaido’s mistakes, it must take several steps in the healthcare field such as equipping the general population with masks, gloves and other personal protection equipment (PPE).

“PPE is still in high demand and providing its citizens with these lifesaving tools is the first and most important step the US can take to reduce the size of a second wave. With that in mind, no amount of PPE will stop some resurgence of COVID-19 if the US is opened up. The country will have to shore up its healthcare and infrastructure to deal with a second wave through the purchase of respirators and other important healthcare equipment.”

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