US wireless carriers to extend Black Friday deals in 2018

US wireless carriers have already begun advertising Black Friday deals but they are not exclusive to this day or even the shopping weekend, as many of these offers will continue into December, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

These promotions come with a commitment that matches (or extends) the old two year contract. Wireless carriers will offer major savings through Christmas in an effort to wrap up customers.

Nicole Teasley, Analyst for Consumer Platforms & Devices at GlobalData, comments: “Prepaid carriers have stepped into a different device tier altogether this year. Now stocking flagship phones, prepaid carriers feel the need to compete on Black Friday flagship promotions. Prepaid carriers will be advertising manufacturer promotions such as Samsung’s $200 price cut on the S9, S9+ and Note9 this Black Friday, as many of them are available with unlocked phone purchases this year.”

On the postpaid side, T-Mobile has been rocking the boat. Just ahead of Black Friday, T-Mobile extended its financing terms to three years, thus lowering monthly device payments. The carrier has also taken to advertising all-in pricing that rolls monthly service and phone payments into one bottom line.

Teasley continues: “T-Mobile – known for free line promotions that will likely hang around for Black Friday – will package everything into deals with extremely attractive pricing. Thus far customers can get 4 lines and 4 flagship phones for $160 a month – T-Mobile may one-up that offer by dropping the trade-in requirement for switchers.”

GlobalData expects other carriers will launch low-cost flash sales or even free phone offers on older models such as the iPhone 7, BOGO deals on flagship phones and will offer bundle deals including wearables and tablets. Manufacturers will offer freebies and trade-in deals that apply regardless of where customers buy the phone. Samsung’s $600 double trade credit may return for Black Friday. Prepaid carriers, postpaid carriers, and retailers will all advertise these manufacturer deals this year.

Teasley concludes: “Target and Walmart are offering $250-$400 store gift cards with phone purchases but will require that phones be activated on a carrier in the store so that the store recoups carrier incentives on the back end. Best Buy will advertise carrier promotions as opposed to store gift card offers.”

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