Zoom conversations on Twitter up by more than 10X over last 120 days, finds GlobalData

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes and challenges to various sectors, and forced most of the employees to work remotely, which led to a significant surge in the usage of Zoom video application. A similar trend was observed on Twitter as well, where discussions related to the company ‘Zoom’ spiked phenomenally during January-April 2020, a10X growth in comparison to previous 120 days, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

In April, the company saw a huge surge in conversations on Twitter after companies like SpaceX, Google and NASA banned its employees from using Zoom video conferencing application over reports of video hijacking or ‘Zoom bombing’. This led the company to introduce new security and privacy features.

Prashant Saxena, Influencer Expert at GlobalData, says: “Due to COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are more dependent on communications tools that allow their workforce to collaborate effectively while working remotely, which led to the increased demand for the video-conferencing platform ‘Zoom’.”

The company saw another major volume hike in conversations in the month of March, led by the app’s Virtual Background feature, which allows users to experiment with real-life backgrounds and swap-out it with an image or video while streaming with co-workers or friends.

Among trends, ‘Stocks’ emerged as another top trend among Influencer conversations as company saw more than 140% rise in share price during this period and became one of the most successful stocks of 2020.

Saxena concludes: “As the usage of the platform quickly accelerated, so has the concerns about its privacy and security. Many private and government firms raised red flags on the platform after users reported multiple security loopholes in the platform. Though, the company claims to remediate all reported security vulnerabilities, it will now important for the firm to review its security policies to properly safeguard data of its increasing millions of users.”

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