Why GlobalData?

Unique Data

As the gold standard data provider to the world’s largest industries, we continuously collect and analyze terabytes of data to create the most comprehensive, authoritative, and granular market intelligence.

Expert Analysis

We leverage the collective expertise of our in-house research analysts, consultants, and journalists, as well as thousands of external thought-leaders, to create differentiated and actionable insight.

Innovative Solutions

We help you work smarter and faster by giving you access to powerful analytics and customisable workflow tools tailored to your role, alongside direct access to our expert community of research analysts.

One Platform

We fully integrate our unique data, expert analysis and innovative solutions into one platform – giving you easy access to a complete and comparable view of the world’s largest industries.

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Unrivaled Coverage

Our unrivaled coverage helps thousands of companies, financial institutions, professional services firms, and government organizations decode the future of the world’s largest industries.

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Tailored Solutions

Our world-class platform provides you with easy access to deep, sector-specific intelligence, real-time news, powerful analytics, and time-saving workflow and collaboration tools.

Tailored to your role and industry, our solutions are designed to help you with the strategic activities most important to you and your organization.