Why GlobalData?

Unique Data

We continuously collect and analyze data to create comprehensive, authoritative, and granular intelligence on a global scale.

Expert Analysis

We leverage the collective expertise of our in-house research analysts, consultants, and data scientists, as well as thousands of external industry thought-leaders.​

Innovative Solutions

We help you work smarter and faster with powerful analytics, customizable workflow tools, and advanced solutions tailored to your role.​

One Platform

We fully integrate our Unique Data, Expert Analysis, and Innovative Solutions into One Platform –offering a connected view of the world’s largest industries.

Access Free Intelligence

Experience what our intelligence has to offer with free access to highlights of our data, insights and analysis. ​

Industry Coverage​

Our unrivalled coverage gives decision-makers the confidence to decode the future of the world’s largest industries.

Click on an industry below to find out more about our capabilities.​

Audience Coverage

Our intelligence solutions are curated for users across global industries and job functions to enable you to make strategic decisions for your organization.​

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