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AI Hub combines the power of GlobalData's proprietary chatbot and use-case-based prompts library

A seamless and intuitive gateway to intelligent decision-making

Answers in seconds not days.

Company Deal Strategy

See what the big deal is all about: explore acquisitions, investment, and deal insights.

Company Hiring Strategy

Straight from career pages, hiring data unlocks insights into company strategy and industry trends.

Company R&D/Innovation Strategy

Ensure that you are keeping up with disruptive market trends and prioritize your investments.

Company Risk Exposure

Quickly understand the risks, so you can face what’s ahead with confidence.

Company Supply Chain Strategy

Optimize your entire operation and tackle supply chain issues with ease.

Innovation Landscape

Blast into new realms of creativity and innovation by exploring the latest breakthroughs.

Company Technology Strategy

Be a tech genius with ICT prospector, contracts, news, filings, and jobs data at your fingertips.

Recent Developments

Never miss a beat and have your finger on the pulse when it comes to competitor strategy.

Just some of the vast library of guided journeys you can take with AI Hub. Get started in seconds.

Gain superior insights using natural language

Detailed comprehensive insights and data analysis delivered to you in seconds enabling you to make informed decisions efficiently through natural language

Save time with Workflow prompt

Time is your most valuable asset. Let analysts-tested pre-configured prompts supercharge your research workflow, saving you time and effort.

Tailor results with Your Research, Your Rules

Customized prompts and workflows to fit your unique B2B research objectives. Delivering you unparalleled tailored results on demand.

Make decision making easy

No Compromises. Your research stands on rock-solid foundation of gold standard proprietary data, ensuring confident decision making.​

AI Hub is more than a tool.

It's your partner in achieving business excellence.

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