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GlobalData leverages non-traditional data that allows users to analyse critical trends and signals emerging from Jobs, Patents, Company Filings, and Social Media datasets across sectors. With the use of advanced technologies like AI, ML, NLP, our alternative dataset helps investors explore new investment opportunities and build strategies by identifying and tracking company performance across sectors.

Social Media Mentions allows our users to analyse in-depth all critical trends emerging on social media platforms in real-time. Using our AI/ML/NLP models, it identifies and provides mentions from influencer conversations on the latest topics, industry events, companies, sectors, and themes related to Governance. The discussion around risk management and other ESG related issues has grown as people are getting more aware of the necessities to keep governance-related issues in check.

Total Posts 3,556,626
Reddit Posts 1,084,603
Tweets 2,472,023
Redditors 358,203
Influencers 26,766

Social Media Activity on 'Environment' over the Last 90 Days

Social Media mentions allow users to decode and generate insights of upcoming trends. 310,089 mentions were captured in the last 90 days from environment-related posts.

Top Five Sectors with 'Environment' Mentions in Social Media Discussions over the Last 90 Days

Sectors with the highest environment-related social media engagement in the last 90 days were Retail & Wholesale, Consumer, Construction, Power & Utilities, Automotive.

Companies with the Highest Buzz Index on Social Media for ESG

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Includes companies ranked by the buzz index resulting from their ESG-related social media actitivity. Buzz index is a measure of recent mention activity for a trend on social media.

Top Social Media Contributors

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