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Circular Plastic Economy

Circular Plastic Economy imagines the ways in which firms can avoid scenarios where plastic materials may be improperly discarded into the natural environment. Its importance is being fuelled by consumer interest in protecting the environment, their subsequent aversion toward plastic materials, and their interest in plastic-alternatives. Circular Plastic Economy advocates for the elimination of waste and pollution and the reuse and repurposing of plastic materials where possible throughout the supply chain.

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Circular Plastic Economy – Thematic Research

Plastic is a ubiquitous material and hence it has become a major source of environmental pollution. To achieve a successful circular plastic economy in the long run, various stakeholders need to collaborate across various value chains. Government bodies are the biggest driving force of this endeavor. Plastic use can only be reduced by concerted efforts from governments worldwide. Europe leads the world in curbing plastic usage. As of July 2020, a total of 29 countries in the region has imposed ban on single use plastics.

Smart Packaging – How Technology is Embedding Intelligence into Packaging

Sustainable packaging is gaining traction as consumers are becoming more aware of the negative consequences of plastics used in packaging While one innovator is using sugarcane-based packaging to replace plastics in milk cartons, another is offering aluminum-free aseptic cartons packs for oxygen-sensitive products such as fruit juices.

Environment Sustainability in Packaging: Biodegradable Packaging

This report looks at environment sustainability innovation in biodegradable packaging for the packaging industry and the leading companies, start-ups and their adoption trends. These insights will help businesses in making informed strategic decisions for a more durable source of competitive advantage.

Sustainability and Ethics TrendSights Analysis 2021 – Mounting Concern and Engagement around Social and Environmental Challenges Globally

Sustainability and Ethics is one of the eight mega-trends of our TrendSights series of consumer insight studies. It reflects mounting awareness and concern surrounding the scale, complexity, and interdependence of shared social and environmental challenges globally.

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