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Food & Agritech

Agriculture technology is used to increase yield and decrease climate impact but solving problems related to yield, food loss and wastage. The agriculture sector contributes 10% of global greenhouses gas emissions and with the help of technology, greater crop yields and better agriculture techniques can be implemented to reduce GHG emissions in the sector.

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Robotics in Agriculture – Thematic Intelligence

The leading adopters of robotics in agriculture are investing in robotic intelligence, drones, field robots, inspection, cleaning, and maintenance robots, and industrial collaborative robots (co-bots) to automate operations, enhance agricultural outputs, and reduce their environmental impact.

Food Waste – Analyzing Consumer Insights, Trends and Sustainability

Food waste is a complex issue, affecting various stages of the food supply chain. The foodservice industry is a major contributor to global food waste meaning that there is a moral imperative to solve this issue as well as to meet consumer demand for sustainability. The food waste analysis report identifies the key trends, which are currently affecting the foodservice landscape.

ESG in Foodservice – Thematic Research

Foodservice companies are facing increasing pressure due to growing consumer awareness of ESG issues: GlobalData’s 2021 Q1 global consumer survey found that over 76% of consumers demand more ethical or environmentally friendly products.

Food and Drug Regulation in FMCG 

Food and drug regulation refers to the legal and regulatory environment in which food and drug companies and consumers operate, which is controlled by local, regional, national, and international public bodies.

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