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Ethanol, FAME and HVO biodiesel, by-products, and raw materials – GlobalData delivers global analysis and forecasts

We evaluate the outlook for supply, demand, trade, and pricing and the impact of changing policies. Coverage includes the broad range of raw materials, from vegetable oils to animal fats and waste oils, and the market for by-products such as glycerine. Our clients include major biodiesel producers, oil companies and traders as well as investors and finance companies. 

As an impeccable complement to the Agribusiness Market and Thematic Intelligence, this premium offering delves into the dynamic realms of Biodiesel, Ethanol, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Waste Oils & Fats.

Benefit from our astute market data and insightful reports. Moreover, gain an edge with our exclusive compilations of key industry players, encompassing Global Producers of Biodiesel (FAME), Renewable Diesel (RD), and Ethanol. Embark on the path of informed decision-making with this powerful amalgamation of data and insights. 

Our reports include:

Global Ethanol Outlook

Global Ethanol Outlook examines the impact of COVID on supply/demand and prices in the ethanol sector around the world, with forecasts to 2040. 

The report reviews biofuels policies in the major consuming countries and focuses analysis on 23 producing countries – both developed and emerging ethanol markets. It provides GlobalData’s unique estimates of ethanol production costs & margins for benchmarking, supply/demand/trade by country and prices out to 2040, and downside risks and upside opportunities. 

Subscribers also get an interactive model to personalise forecasts of demand and prices to 2040.  It allows users to change assumptions about the future of biofuels policies, GDP growth and alternative crude oil prices. 

Global Biodiesel Outlook

Global Biodiesel Outlook presents a detailed outlook for biodiesel prices, production costs & margins for benchmarking, and supply/demand of both FAME and renewable diesel to 2040. 

The report reviews biofuels policies in 25 markets and focuses analysis on the top 15 producing countries. 

The service also includes GlobalData’s Biodiesel Forecasting Model in Excel, providing forecasts of FAME and RD prices and demand. It is interactive, allowing you to select from a range of scenarios to generate your own forecasts. 

Sustainable Aviation Fuel – The market gathers momentum

Sustainable Aviation Fuel: How soon will it really take off? As the title indicates,GlobalData’s new report evaluates the potential for demand and supply of this emerging biofuel out to 2050. 

Biojet fuel is gaining momentum, as the fight against climate change picks up steam globally. The report examines current and developing biofuels policies that will drive demand and the technologies and availability of feedstocks that will support its production. 

Demand and supply forecasts to 2050, along with analysis of pricing (kerosene and renewable diesel vs SAF), will inform your investment decisions. 

Global Outlook for Marine Biofuels – Decarbonizing international shipping

GlobalData’s this report evaluates how the industry will fare in the coming years, with forecasts all the way out to 2050. The conclusions will aid strategic planning in the midst of currently uncertain times. 

With marine emissions accounting for 11% of the transport total, policy makers are increasingly focused on making the industry more sustainable. But in the face of competition from road and aviation demand for biofuels, how will marine fare? 

The report analyses the short, medium and long-term outlook for bunker fuel alternatives. 

Waste Oils & Fats Report

GlobalData’s report provides unique global market analysis for waste oils and fats as well as the potential for niche oils. 

The fast-growing renewable diesel (RD) and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) markets are creating significant demand for waste feedstocks. 

The Waste Oils & Fats Report identifies which markets can deliver commercial volumes, which show the greatest potential for supply growth, and what prices will be needed to secure supply. 

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