Premium Oils & Fats Package

GlobalData’s analysis covers the full range of oils and fats:

Commodity oils such as palm, soy, rapeseed/canola, sunflower; lauric oils (coconut and palm kernel oil), olive and tallow. It also includes speciality oils and fats. This breadth of coverage is essential, given the substitutability between products, and means that LMC is able to offer a specialised, integrated view of the sector.

Our Oil & Fats package is a comprehensive suite encompassing Market Intelligence tailored to the Oils & Fats industry. It offers meticulous market data that spans across Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals, Proteins, and Cocoa Butter Alternatives. Additionally, it includes in-depth reports and an exclusive compilation of key industry players, featuring global producers of Fatty Acids and Alcohols, prominent Indonesia and Malaysia Plantations, renowned Global Oilseed Producers, leading Oleochemical Producers, and trailblazers in Alternative Protein Production

The Oil & Fats reports include:

Oils Price View

Oils Price View delivers GlobalData’s 6 month price forecasts for palm oil (CPO), soybean oil, sunflower and rapeseed/canola oils, plus fractions and fats.

Oil Palm Service

As the world’s major commodity oil and with its pivotal influence on the wider vegetable oil market, it is vital to understand palm oil production and its outlook.

GlobalData’s Oil Palm Service forecasts CPO and PKO production, as well as its downstream products – refined oils, oleochemicals and biodiesel. Covering the major producers: Indonesia & Malaysia, as well as Thailand, Colombia, Honduras & Guatemala, the service covers over 90% of global production. For Indonesia and Malaysia, we present detailed data and forecasts by region.

The service forecasts CPO and PKO production two years ahead by quarter within each country. It gives a clear outlook for production, area, yield, re-planting rates, trade and input costs. You get updated analysis and forecasts each quarter.

Oilseeds & Oils Report

This report provides in-depth analysis of the global oilseeds sector and its outlook over the next 15 years!  It covers all the major oilseeds, oils and meals.  The report analyses how the industry will evolve in the next few years, and in the longer term, to 2040, to help you plan strategically for all sorts of scenarios.  The War on Ukraine has caused all sorts of turmoil in the market and it is crucial to understand the impact on demand growth, supply, trade and policy, and the competition between oils and prices. LMC’s report provides expert coverage of all these areas.

Oleochemicals Report – Insights into a volatile global market

GlobalData’s annual Oleochemicals Report delivers comprehensive and expert analysis of the fatty acid and fatty alcohol sectors. It evaluates the impacts of major recent market factors – high CPO/PKO prices, volatile freight costs, and sustainability issues – in the short term and whether they will change the long-term outlook for the oleochemicals sector.

The report covers:

  • Fatty acids – demand, supply & trade
  • Fatty alcohols – demand, supply & trade
  • Raw materials – supply, demand, sustainability (certified and traceable CPO/PKO) and price
  • Prices and forecasts for fatty acids, alcohols and glycerine
  • Production costs for fatty acids and alcohols
  • Profitability by product and location

Price forecasts to 2040 are given for raw materials, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and glycerine. The report’s analysis and conclusions provide a firm basis for determining stakeholder strategy and investment in the oleochemical sector.

The Global Outlook for Speciality Protein – Forecasts by protein type, market & end use

Rapid growth in demand for plant and animal protein has been the standout trend in recent years. Far from being derailed by the coronavirus pandemic, interest in plant proteins in food has intensified.

This report focuses on speciality proteins – proteins that are higher in protein content, scarcer in supply and more valuable than the commodity proteins. Covering each of the main speciality plant proteins – soy proteins, pea protein, vital wheat gluten, potato proteins, the key animal proteins – fishmeal and dairy protein, as well as novel proteins (insect and lab meat) – the report provides:

  • Market forecasts for each protein
  • Market forecasts by the main end use categories – food, aquafeed, livestock and pet food.
  • The outlook for protein prices

We evaluate and forecast the speciality protein market to 2035 and the implications for individual proteins.

Alternatives to Cocoa Butter Report

GlobalData forecasts demand for chocolate confectionery in all the major markets. We compare supply and prices of future raw materials to assess the direction of CBE, CBS and cocoa butter markets over the short, medium and longer term.

The analysis covers each of the major exotic fats – shea, illipe, sal, kokum, mango kernel – as well as palm mid fractions, palm kernel stearin and palm kernel oil.

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