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GlobalData is the leading expert on the global sugar and sweetener market.

We cover all the main sweeteners – sugar, specialty sugars, and starch sweeteners as well as low-calorie ‘intense’ sweeteners. As well as covering the biggest industries in Brazil, China, India, the EU, Russia, the US, Guatemala, Australia, and Thailand, we monitor the smaller markets around the world. The industry’s major players rely on GlobalData’s data, analysis, insight and global perspective.

GlobalData’s Sugar Premium Package offers a wealth of Market Data, Reports and Key Company Lists to help you decode the Agribusiness industry.  

The Market Data covers Sugar, Starch Sweeteners and Starch/ Fermentation Products while the key lists cover the Global Sugar Producers, Global Starch Processors, Global Sweetener Producers, Global Stevia Producers and Global Corn Starch Producers.

The reports & Analysis offering covers:

World Sugar Price View

World Sugar Price View report provides clear and authoritative insight on the global sugar market. The report: 

  •    analyses market fundamentals, with a specific look at the major producing countries and markets
  •  examines trade flows, with forecasts of raw and white sugar trade flows six quarters ahead
  •   identifies key points to watch (the bearish and bullish factors for prices)
  • provides trading ranges for raw and white sugar
  • forecasts raw and white sugar prices  by quarter, 3 years ahead 

Global Sugar – Strategic View

This annual strategic report on the global sugar market focuses on prospects and risks in light of potential demand, supply and pricing. GlobalData analyses the key issues that will shape the sugar market over the next decade: 

  • How will RenoviaBio alter the Brazil and world market?
  • What is the outlook for India sugar production and exports given the ethanol programme?
  • How will Thai production evolve?
  • To what extent will high grain prices impact beet plantings in Europe?
  • When and where will new capacity be needed 

Sugar Field Margin Tracker

Beet & cane areas – What price signals are being sent to farmers? 

GlobalData’s new service monitors field profit margins for sugar crops throughout the year for major producers around the world – 8 cane and 4 beet industries – to give a clear view of the economic health of production. It also monitors alternative crops to establish whether sugar crops look attractive to farmers in comparison, providing an important insight into planting intentions. The forecasts of sugar area take into account whether an industry is subject to market forces or to institutionally set prices. 

Each month, it tracks: 

  • Beet/cane margins at the farm level and how they are evolving
  • The profitability of beet/cane vs. major alternative crops
  • Area under beet/cane
  • Factors critical for production, such as rainfall and dam levels 

Sugar & HFS Production Costs

GlobalData’s global cost benchmarking service has been the industry standard for 40 years. By applying a consistent approach to estimating costs around the world, GlobalData delivers cost estimates that are directly comparable across and within industries. Detailed costs are presented for the field and factory, with costs broken down into labour, fuel/chemicals, and capital as well as cash vs non-cash costs. For the larger industries, costs are further broken down into each producing region within the country.

Global Markets for Starch Products

A single source of consistent data for the global market for: 

  • native & modified starches – corn, wheat, cassava, potato, rice, dextrin, starch-based glue & others 
  • starch sweeteners – glucose, dextrose, crystalline fructose, HFCS 42, HFCS 55, mannitol, sorbitol 
  • fermentation products – citric acid, lactic acid, lysine, glutamic acid, vitamin C 

Providing data on production, consumption, trade and prices, with demand forecasts to 2026.

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