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Construction: Tenders Database

GlobalData's Construction Tenders database covers tenders of £1m+ for 60+ construction segments, including materials, contracting and architectural services, public sector, new project construction. It provides access to hundreds of thousands of tenders relating to new construction projects worldwide, helping clients save time, stay on top of developments, and win more business.

Our process involves continuous tracking of over 300 public tender sources, with over 12,000 tenders manually reviewed and coded each month and on average over 250 opportunities added daily.

Data Characteristics

Launch Year: 2016
Historical Start Date: 2012
Entity Coverage: 500,000+ Construction Tenders
Regional Coverage: Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America
Country Coverage: 100+
Total Companies: 125,000
Total Companies with Tickers: 270+
Data Collection Frequency: Daily
Delivery Formats: API, Cloud

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