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Ads Database

GlobalData’s Global Ads database helps global brands and global advertising agencies stay on top of competitive advertising with 33 million records across eight media types and more than 128 countries. The Global Ads database provides advertising across multiple categories, countries, and media types, and allows clients to identify advertising strategy and execution to better understand competitors’ market positioning, to identify new products and services launched by competitors, and predict competitors’ performance and market strategy.

The database is updated weekly as new information is reported in the public domain. Global Ads database tracks brand-owned communications from social media platforms and paid advertisements from print and television. After an advertisement is identified and initially marked as relevant to the industry, our dedicated team reviews and tags it to a specific category.

Data Characteristics

Launch Year: 2019
Historical Start Date: 2010
Entity Coverage: 33 million advertisements
Regional Coverage: Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America
Country Coverage: 128
Total Companies: 7,000+
Total Companies with Tickers: 2,000+
Data Collection Frequency: Weekly
Delivery Formats: API, Cloud

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