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Influencer Database

GlobalData’s Influencer database is a social media (Twitter) analytics tool that gives clients access to real time perspectives from key opinion leaders relevant to each company. Clients can use our Influencer data to monitor competitor strategies, predict emerging trends, gain consumer insights, monetize disruptive innovation, decode smart money, mine thought leadership and capture digital consumers.

Our methodology employs an exhaustive list of key words to define a project area and this is used as an input to a proprietary algorithm that results in a detailed list of the key individuals associated with these keywords. Finally, a series of algorithms is then used to determine the 100 most important influencers within this initial list.

Data Characteristics

Launch Year: 2018
Historical Start Date: 2018
Entity Coverage: 30,000+ influencers
Regional Coverage: Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America
Country Coverage: Global
Total Companies: 3,770+
Total Companies with Tickers: 2,700+
Data Collection Frequency: Daily
Delivery Formats: API, Cloud

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