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Medical Device: Pipeline Products

GlobalData’s Medical Device Pipeline Products database is a comprehensive global source of information on medical devices in their development stage. The database provides an up-to-date and fully integrated view of the medical devices which are in development in one place. GlobalData’s data allows clients to assess risk in the medical device market and estimate potential project timelines on the various stages of product development, helping facilitate strategic decision making and aide planning process.

Our methodology involves secondary research curated from over 25,000+ sources that GlobalData tracks daily. Pipeline products are updated as per a schedule cycle: every three months in the case of products originating from companies, and every 12 months in the case of products originating from academia and other institutions.

Data Characteristics

Launch Year: 2008
Historical Start Date: 2007
Entity Coverage: 29,000+ Pipeline Products
Regional Coverage: Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America
Country Coverage: Global
Total Companies: 9,140
Total Companies with Tickers: 820+
Data Collection Frequency: Daily
Delivery Formats: API, Cloud

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