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Oil & Gas: Midstream - Pipelines Database

GlobalData's Pipeline database contains data on all major, trunk, crude oil, natural gas, petroleum product, and natural gas liquids (NGL) pipelines & systems globally, with all data updated daily with annual audits & reviews. The database will minimize time spent searching for critical information by quickly accessing intelligence and insights specific to the global pipelines segment. Our data will allow clients to identify potential acquisitions/ investments using information on key pipeline projects across the globe, and to fast-track decisions about market entry and expansion strategies based on upcoming pipeline capacities and market opportunities in various countries and regions.

Our methodology applies secondary research using >15,000 sources, supported by advanced web spidering techniques, driving two types of data update:

  • Dynamic updates: These include specific data point updates based on the latest industry news and deals published in company press releases and other news events.
  • Scheduled updates: In this update process, information on every asset in the database is updated through rigorous secondary research, based on information released and available in the public domain.

Data Characteristics

Launch Year: 2007
Historical Start Date: 1902
Entity Coverage: 6,028 Pipelines
Regional Coverage: Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America
Country Coverage: 137
Total Companies: 1,525
Total Companies with Tickers: 389
Data Collection Frequency: Daily
Delivery Formats: API, Cloud

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